Saturday, February 8, 2014

A January look-back...

We started out January going down to visit my Dad for his birthday.  My mom let the girls decorate his cake...  little "snowmen" on each piece:

 Abbi was pretty excited about the cake:

Susanna decided to have the worst teething day ever and pretty much screamed all afternoon if I didn't walk her around in the Ergo.  She had a fever as well and I'm not sure if it was the tooth or something else.  She is never fussy anymore, and it lasted exactly 24 hours, so who knows.  But I couldn't even sit down to eat and spent the entire afternoon like this:

Papa was excited about his cake, too!

 We got a baby gate so Susanna doesn't fall down the stairs and now Puppy gets stuck downstairs more often when I don't have time to clean off the table right away (Because she has horrible manners and will jump on the table to eat the leftovers before I can).  So she sits on the steps and looks pitiful like this:

Abbi has many "stinker" faces :)

As does Karis:

But Daddy can always bring out the smiles!

 "But she likes it, Mama!"

This is Abbi's favorite shirt.  She fights to wear it every single day.

Karis started piano lessons!  I planned to teach her myself, but fall passed and we never even started.  I just couldn't seem to make time for it.  When Karis developed a great love for her music teacher at church, I knew she was the perfect person to teach Karis.  Now that we are accountable to be ready for class every week, I actually find time to help Karis practice every day.   It is funny how a little accountability makes such a difference!  Karis loves to practice and if we miss a day due to a crazy schedule, she insists on doing exactly double the work the next day.  For instance, her teacher tells her to practice each of her songs 3 times a day.  If we miss a day, she insists on playing each song 6 times.  As you can tell in the picture, Karlie desperately wants to take lessons as well.  Her fingers are really not big enough for the keys, but I now give her a little lessons most days as well.

Now that Mark is a teacher, he finally has Saturdays off from work!  He has started taking the girls to Home Depot fun on the first Saturday of each month.  They do a fun craft for free together and they look forward to it all month long!

Some of our favorite friends live only 7 minutes from our house and it is wonderful!  Susanna and Elena did not have any choice but to be best friends but it is so fun to watch how excited they get when the see each other!

The big kids watched a movie together

I love it that I often find Karis reading to the girls!

Igave Susanna to Mark for a bit and apparently he let her try out the trampoline...

The girls were excited to meet the mascot at Daddy's school:

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