Sunday, January 19, 2014

December catch-up

It is hard to believe that it is nearing the end of January and I haven't even blogged our December pictures yet!

It has truly been a dream of mine for years to go see the Sound of Music! I cannot tell you how excited I was when my parents offered to take us to see it.  Karlie was on the edge of her seat the entire time and Karis got so excited when they sang all her favorite songs!  I was tearing up just watching my girls enjoy the show so much :)

We came home from the show and rushed out to get our tree because we had heard that a snowstorm was coming and we didn't want to get stuck at home without a tree to decorate!

Susanna didn't really know what all the excitement was about...

This is the first year that we have had a tree on hardwood floors and I must say that we broke more ornaments this year than all our other other years combined!  But it was still fun...

We did our annual Christmas cookie decorating!

And Gingerbread house, too!

Puzzle time!  Susanna crawled under Karlie while Karlie did puzzles :)

Susanna turned 7 months and I didn't even have time to do an update on this beautiful baby!  She started crawling and then began trying to pull up!   She loves to chew on a spoon with something on it (yogurt, cod liver oil, coconut oil, butter, etc)  and is starting to feed herself banana and avocado chunks.  She's had her ups and downs with sleeping due to horrible teething but for the most part does well.  She has done great in the car as well!  We love this girl so much!!!

The big girls begged me to curl their hair for the Sound of Music and we have done it several times since for special events.  I am amazed that they don't seem to mind sleeping in them.  We simply do not have the time to do it in the morning before we go out somewhere!

We went to a Christmas party and this little doggy was the cutest thing and would let the girls hold her on her back like a baby and give them fives for treats.  The girls were amazed and so excited that she had her own pajamas :)

 The girls were excited about this home-made bouquet at a friend's house...

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