Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September happenings...

I got slack in my blogging, so here is a photo dump of more fun we had in September:

We get pretty excited about cupcakes around here:

The icing in particular seems to disappear rather quickly :)

Abbi wanted to hold Susanna before school one day... it is a good thing that Susanna is a good sport :)

Karlie loves to hold her sister and tell me its ok to go do what I need to do because she will take care of Susanna

We had a fun field trip to Loch Haven with our CC group! Unfortunately, this was the only picture we took because our hands were full.  The highlight of the day was that the girls got to go on a canoe around the lake with Daddy!  They all sat perfectly still and even got to have an oar to help rowing!  Loch Haven is beautiful and we really enjoyed it.

Oh how I love this smile!

I honestly can't remember where they took this picture that I found on Mark's phone:

Karlie and one of her favorite friends being silly at CFA after soccer one Friday afternoon:

The girls got their AWANA vests at the beginning of September and they were so proud. They now have badges on their vests and are even more excited about it!

Abbi just loves to play with Susanna on her play mat and even share her special softy blankets with her!

One day at soccer, Abbi decided to make a fairyland instead of playing on the soccer field:

 My parents took us out to eat at Red Lobster and the girls were super excited about the yummy dessert and this awesome boat:

Susanna is still refusing her paci but just can't get those fingers to work right...

She keeps trying though...

More Susanna snuggles!

 We are still going to ballet when we get the chance and the girls just love it!