Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Thankful Tree 2014

We got a late start on our Thankful Tree this year, but the girls got excited about it and it filled up very quickly!  Here are a few things the girls said they were thankful for:

--"dinner... I like to eat dinner!"
-- cod liver oil! (No lie... she does love it :)
-- Grandma and Papa and Nina and Papa!
-- My softies!
-- Play with Daddy!
-- Macaroons!
--Play with Susanna!
-- Doing tape!
--Our Thankful Tree!
-- Ruby (a favorite friend in school)

-- Daddy!
--made a leaf for every single person in her class and their siblings
-- made a leaf for every single relative
-- Going to school
-- For the Bible
-- Going to the store

--Joseph and Mary
-- Esther
-- Me
-- Love
-- Church
-- Kindness
-- Home
-- Bible
all relatives received a leaf as well :)

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