Sunday, December 22, 2013

Catching up on videos...

My husband got a google chromecast for Christmas this year.  At first, I wasn't sure we would get much use out of it, but then we had a blast watching old videos that I had uploaded to youtube.  The girls laugh so hard and are just amazed to see themselves as babies.  It made me remember that I hadn't uploaded any videos since Susanna's birth so I am going to try to catch up.  Here are a few from the last few months:

A song they learned at VBS this summer:

Abbi learns most of the girls' songs for school. Here she is singing the 8 parts of speech:

  (And in case you have forgotten them, she says, "8 parts of speech, noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, conjection, interjection, preposition, adjective.")

In ballet, the girls are asked to demonstrate something they learned at the end of class. Abbi didn't want to do it by herself, so Karis helped her:

Karlie's turn:

 Nothing makes me smile more than seeing a baby laugh:
 This is a funny video of Pup-pup chasing the cat and Susanna thinks it is hilarious:

Karlie laughed like this the entire time she jumped:

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