Monday, December 9, 2013

And my God shall supply all my needs....

There is this song I always loved that we sang at the charismatic church I grew up in.  It kind of has a Jewish flair and it is called, "Jehovah Jireh: My Provider."  I taught it to my girls (we sing songs every night before bed) and it happens to be one of their favorites as well.  My sweet Karlie Sue got the crazy Jones gene that my brother has that simply has no shyness or fear of performing in front of people.  (Those who know me know that I lack this particular gene completely.)  She is the tiniest thing ever, but she has amazing boldness.  When they had parents' night at Cubbies at our Baptist church, they asked for song requests and of course she asked for that one.  Hardly anyone else knew it, but she sang it loud and clear and as I thought of all we have been through financially this past fall, it just brought tears to my eyes.  Then Mark helped out in her kids choir class one Wednesday evening and they took requests again.  Not a single kid knew the song, but she happily hopped up in front of everyone and sang it all by herself.  She just keeps singing it and it just keeps bringing me to my knees.
Jehovah Jireh, my provider, His grace is sufficient for me, for me.
And my God shall supply all my needs
According to His riches and glory
He will give His angels charge over me
Jehovah Jireh cares for me

That song has been proven true to us this fall over and over again.  Just when we think we can't make the next payment, God provides.  This week we got an expensive bill from the dentist for several cleanings because we thought we had coverage in October but unbeknownst to us, Mark's employer had not paid for dental insurance for months.  We didn't have the money for it. But Mark got to work today and there was an anonymous Christmas card in his box with a check that helped a lot.  Thank you, whoever you are!  And things like that have happened over and over and over again this season.  I look at my bank account and I'm still not sure why we have any money since Mark had not been receiving paychecks since September.  But we do.  God is providing.

Mark has a job now!  He is teaching a few Bible and basic computer classes at the Christian School at our church.  It is still not sufficient to pay our bills, but we are trusting God to provide the rest.  There is a potential for more responsibility in the near future that would help and his classes have also been arranged so that the first few periods are planning periods and his wonderfully understanding boss has said that if he needs to find a part-time job for the morning periods he can have that flexibility.  We were originally only going to do this job temporarily for December since it did not pay enough, but after a week of it, we both felt a peace about accepting it through the end of the school year.  The staff has been so encouraging to Mark; they are like a big family and really want him there.  It is just so nice.  And Mark finally feels like he is utilizing all the studies he has completed as he teaches Bible.  And in my opinion, the best part are the hours of a teacher!  I cannot tell you how absolutely amazing it is to have him home for dinner every night!  He has had a flexible but crazy schedule as GM for the past 6 years and I didn't even realize til after it stopped how hard it had been.  It has been so good to have a normal family dinner every night with the girls!  So we are very thankful.  It is still a little scary to accept a job that doesn't pay all our bills but we do feel like God was leading us to do so.    Now I am looking forward to seeing how God provides the rest.  And I know He will because He is Jehovah Jireh: My Provider!

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