Monday, November 11, 2013

Susanna Beth at 5 1/2 months

Oh my sweet Susanna!

Top observations of the month:

1. OBSESSION with the cat!  She showed interest in him at the beginning of the month and so I called him over and helped her pet him.  She was so excited!  But now the minute she sees or hears him, she starts going crazy trying to get to him: kicking her legs, throwing her arms around, screaming at him.  It is hilarious!  She also loves the dog and tries to grab her and eat her every time she walks close-by.  The funniest thing is that Susanna laughs hysterically when the dog and cat play with each other (usually the cat sits up on a chair and swats at the dog and the dog sits and barks and lunges at the cat).  She even laughs anytime she just hears the dog barking in another room!  The following picture was taken when the dog was barking loudly at the cat beside her.  You can tell Karis has her hands over her ears but Susanna thinks it is hilarious!

2.  She is my roly-poly jumping bean!  I have never had a baby that rolled so much!  She can clear our living room floor in nothing flat.  She just throws her head to the size and then her arms and legs follow.  I try to keep her safe by spreading a huge quilt over the floor (we don't have carpet) but she won't stay on it when she gets in a rolling mood.  I thought I had another couple of months before having to worry about her crawling everywhere and having to keep the floor spic and span, but this rolling thing is amazing!  Susanna also loves to jump.  She will wear my arms out and she loves her little jumperoo thing in the doorframe as well.  She gets so excited when she really gets going!

3.  She still won't let me rock her to sleep with a paci. If she is in my arms, she wants to nurse and gets highly offended if I give her a paci.  However, I worked on getting her to put herself to sleep this week and she does seem to like the bigger size paci to chew and suck on by herself.  If she doesn't go to sleep at first and starts fussing, I can give her one and she will entertain herself with it til she falls asleep.  I am so thankful.  She did better than my other girls with learning to go to sleep on her own.  I think it is because she is younger and wasn't addicted to a paci.  I would have loved to continue rocking her to sleep, but with 3 other crazies running around, they were popping in and waking her up more often than I was getting her to sleep.  So I had to do it earlier.  She has also gotten pretty good at sucking her thumb.  I have never had a thumb-sucker before and would prefer the paci so that I can throw it away when the time is right, but it sure is absolutely adorable to see a sweet baby so happy with her thumb!

4.  The best news is that she finally has an early bedtime!  Thanks to daylights savings, this baby goes to bed at 6pm sharp!  I decided to try to finally get her on a decent sleeping schedule with the time change.  Poor 4th child.  The others were great sleepers by now, but with so many places to go and things to do with the big girls, I just haven't been able to be consistent with her naps and bedtimes.  Her bedtime had been anywhere between 7 and 10 and she took many naps at random times on me in the sling.  But last week I stayed home from everything except school co-op on Monday and got her on a regular nap and bedtime schedule!  Now she is a much happier baby!  And date nights will be so much easier :)

5.  She is still a Mama's girl but sure does smile when she sees her Daddy!

6.  She is VERY interested in food.  I have not given her anything yet and am in no hurry since she is nursing well and often but she watches my every bite and will sometimes holler at my food like she wants some.  Maybe I'll give her a banana for Thanksgiving and let her feast some, too :)

7.  Laughs very easily and often.  I love this stage! She is just so happy to see me and will just laugh and laugh when I play with her.  Such a sweet, happy baby!

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