Sunday, November 3, 2013

I will bring praise...

You might have noticed that I did not blog at all in October.  While I must admit that it was partly because my life with 4 little ones leaves me in a happy but utterly exhausted state at all times, the main reason is because I was too overwhelmed with all that was going on in my life to be true to this blog.  The description at the top states that this blog gives a real-life view of the six DeLongs, but I honestly could not put into words all that was going on in our lives.  I think I am finally at peace with it all now, so I am going to try to give a little update...

In January, we moved back to VA to be closer to our families.  We had wanted to move back for some time, and finally felt like it was the right time to go.  God confirmed this to us in so many ways, from the way He provided the perfect housing for us at the last minute, to the way He allowed us to move just in time for me to spend time time with my grandmother during her last hours.  My list could go on, but I will simply say that we have absolutely loved living so close to family and that it also thrills my heart to see my girls becoming best friends with the daughters of my own best friends.  We have never regretted our move and we LOVE being back!

We knew Mark's job was a gamble because it was a new business, but were assured that there was plenty of money to keep it going for at least 2 years.  Unfortunately, not everything was as promised and there was much going on that we did not know about.  Around July, we began finding out things that made us uneasy and by mid-August, we were actively looking for a new job for Mark.  At the beginning of October, we knew it was time for Mark to resign, even without a new job in hand.  This was a very difficult decision because he had not been paid for several pay periods and we had been living off the rest of our savings and only had enough for October.  Let me insert here that we have worked diligently our entire life to stay out of debt and had never owed anything except on our house mortgage.  So this decision was utterly terrifying.

Less than a week after resigning, I totaled our van.  All four girls were with me and we are ever so thankful that no one was hurt.    But aside from the traumatic nature of the crash, we knew our van was old and not worth enough to get a decent new (to us) van.  It seemed like the worst timing ever.

I'd like to end this story with the good news that Mark has a job and things are fine again.  But that is not so.  We are still praying for the right job for him.  But I will say that God has taught us so much through this circumstance that I must be thankful for it.  We have never in our lives had to rely on God for our simple day-to-day needs.  We have never prayed for His provision and then seen Him supply it in precious ways.  But now we have.  We used to believe that we trusted God for everything, but we didn't, really.  We felt secure because of the money we had saved.  We would have never thought we were prideful people, but after being humbled by having to accept generous gifts from sweet, godly people, we realize that there was definitely pride in our hearts.  We are broken and humbled now, but much better for it.

At the beginning of October, I was utterly terrified at our situation.  It is not any better now; indeed, it is worse because of the van we had to buy.  But my heart is now at peace.  There is nothing I can do but wait on God and see how he provides.  I will leave you with a song I have been singing over and over again this month:

"All of my life, in every season, You are still God, I have a reason to sing, a reason to worship...
I will bring praise!

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