Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Apple Picking!

When we lived in North Carolina, I was greatly disappointed to find that there were no apple orchards nearby.  I told the girls each fall that whenever we moved back to VA, we would pick our own apples! The girls didn't let me forget it, either, and started talking about apple picking just as soon as the weather got cool.  We started out at the farm store of one orchard and then headed to a smaller farm to actually do the picking.  It was the perfect activity for a perfect fall afternoon!  (And I promise Susanna was there with us; she was on me in the sling and I was the photographer so we didn't make it into any pictures.)

Abbi was determined to carry her bag and walk with Daddy!

It was a bit of a walk to the orchard, so Daddy ended up carrying her.

And then he proceeded to lift the girls up to get each and every apple!  Good thing they have a strong Daddy!

Abbi was especially excited about these "baby apples!"

And she finally found just one apple that she could actually reach!  She had to work really hard to get it loose!

Enjoying the pretty country-side...

Balancing on a tree limb with Daddy...

 Daddy showed them how to jump up and get the perfect apple that was really far up.... and the girls were so impressed with how high he could jump that they had to practice jumping...

What a fun day!

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