Saturday, November 16, 2013

And just like that, October was gone...

Why yes, I am still blogging pictures of October, even though it is mid-November :)  Event though it was a stressful month for us in many ways, we had a lot of fun family time!

We moved Abbi downstairs so that Susanna could finally have her own room (instead of sleeping in the hallway).  We were going to put the big girls down there, but they didn't really want to and Abbi got excited about the idea:

Karis because my entertainer for the middle girls while I put Susanna down for naps.  It amazes me how well she can read now!

We went to the outdoor festival and did all sorts of fun things.  In this picture, my fearless Karlie jumped into a blow-up ball with about 4 other friends and rolled around the field, laughing hysterically the entire time!

Abbi preferred the hammock:

This is Abbi's best buddy, James.  His Mama happens to be one of my very best friends and his sister is one of  Karlie and Karis's best friends.  I just love how that worked out :)

A random picture I found on my phone of Karis sitting in a humongoes tractor at the Homestead Creamery Family Fun Day:

A visit with  the grandparents most often results in ice cream :)

We set this up for the girls to play in and Pup-pup decided it was the best place to sleep.  And continued to do so every night.  We finally put a towel in there for her and called it her official bed.

Leaf fun!

Nina and Papa watched all the girls so Mark and I could go out on a date for our anniversary.  It was the first time I had ever left Susanna and we had to come back in the middle of it for me to feed her, but it was nice to have some time as just the two of us!

Thanks to a wonderful gift card from Mark's birthday, we ate at Carraba's!  Yummy!

We put Susanna's exersaucer outside so she could enjoy watching the girls and I could make dinner:

Abbi showing off her Cinderella slippers she found at our friend's house:

Karlie's attire:

Dress-up night at Awana!  Cubbies were supposed to dress like and animal on Noah's ark and Sparks were supposed to dress like a Bible character:

Karlie was so excited that her leader chose to be a cow just like her!
 And Karis thought it was pretty funny that the majority of girls chose to be queen Ester like her:

Daddy took a picture with Sparky to show Abbi:

Karis got her face painted for the first time ever!  It was a fun night :)

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