Sunday, September 8, 2013

End of August photodump

"who me?"

Daddy snuggles

Our little papoose

Pup-pup is very tolerant to her girls:

The monkey had to be strapped in for some reason...

Reading lesson time with Karis is getting a little crowded these days ... :)

Looks funny to see such big feet on such a little munchkin :)

Fun day at Daddy's work... Abbi was quite amazed at the subway sandwich

A fun visit from our favorite crazy Jon!

Still going to ballet when Daddy is home from work in time (Abbi will only do it if Daddy does it with her :)

Cousin time!

This big trampoline has been sitting outside Daddy's work and Karlie has been begging to do it since the 4th of July when Karis did... kinda hard for Mama to see such a tiny thing fly so high but Karlie had a blast and laughed the entire time!

Happy Birthday Nina!

This messy face deserved a close-up :)


Dominika said...

You definitely had a busy month ;-)
Your girls are so beautifull and smily all the time. And Abi has most amazing blue eyes. Greetings from far away Ireland!

Anonymous said...

Ur kids are so cute! I hope I have 4 wonderful daughters when I'm older!!