Friday, August 23, 2013

Susanna Beth at 2 and 3 months

Whew!  Life with 4 keeps me so busy that I've simply not had time to blog much.  Poor Susanna didn't even get a 2-month update!  But that is partly her own fault, because she continues to be a night-owl baby and demand my snuggles til about 11pm every evening.  But who could blame me for choosing sweet snuggles over blogging?  I will say that I have learned so much with this 4th baby.  A friend recently had her third baby and asked me for advice on how to handle life with 3.  I told her that I had lots of advice to give after my 1st baby, but after my 4th, all I had learned was that I've got nothing.  Only God's grace gets me through.  But it is a blessed, wonderful, overwhelming chaos :)

Susanna's first month was a little rough, with lots of tummy trouble.  Right around 2 months, however, she got over that and turned into a much happier evening-time baby.  Her smiles grew each day and her sisters delighted in playing with her and trying to make her happy.  And she started to take short naps in her pack n play (rather than just in the sling), helping me to keep my sanity.  Yay for 2 months!

At 2 months, Susanna:
 -- still hated her paci (I never knew how much I should have appreciated the fact that all my other girls took a paci!  It makes such a difference!)
 -- still hated car rides (yet again, I wish she would take that paci!)
-- still loved to be worn by Mama in a sling for most of the day
-- took her first long car ride to the beach and we all survived!

-- began conking out around 11pm each evening but was nice enough to stay in bed til about 10:30 or 11:00 each morning. (There is hope for homeschooling next week!)
-- began sleeping a regular 6 or more hours at a time at night before waking up to eat (I think it is because she insists on staying awake so long in the evenings.)
-- didn't like for Mama to take showers and promptly woke up and screamed at Daddy every single time Mama tried to get clean

-- was still addicted to Mama and needed to be able to see Mama every waking moment.
-- started taking a few short naps in her pack N play during the day instead of Mommy having to carry her around all day long
-- loved to watch her sisters

-- transitioned to sleeping in our living room at night and our bedroom during the day in two pack N plays. (Poor baby will not get her own room and crib til we finally sell our house and buy another.)

At 3 months, Susanna:
 -- loves to watch things dangle!  This is huge, folks!  It means she is finally happy in the car if she is awake and wanting to play (but still screams if she is tired and wants to sleep).  She is also quite happy to sit in her bouncy seat in the kitchen so Mama can now cook and maybe even do a few dishes! YAY!  

 -- Is thoroughly entertained by her sisters -- If they are happily dancing around the living room, she is quite content to sit and watch the show.  So I might get to fold some clothes :)
-- Still wants Mama to hold her all evening and has a sixth sense about showers... But now she lets Mama take about 50% of them without immediately waking up and screaming.  It is progress!
 -- Is still a fabulous sleeper after 11pm.  She will usually go a good 6-8 hours before waking up and not get up for the day until almost noon.
-- Is happy to let others hold her (for a little bit). Still can't go too long without seeing Mama.
-- Is trying to roll over

--Is a really talkative little baby!  It is so fun to coo back and forth with her and hear all her squeals :)  The girls love to make her talk!
-- Is a drooling queen!  I probably change her shirt about 4 times a day because she soaks it with drool
--will finally take a paci sometimes (and what a relief when she does... she goes to sleep so much more quickly!) 

-- also loves to grab and eat her blankets, softies, etc.  She will squeal excitedly and stuff it in her mouth.  She is also very excited about eating her fingers

 -- is old enough now that it is difficult for her to fall asleep in public because she wants to see everything.  I have to try to cover up head without making her too angry or her eyes just don't want to close.

 -- loves to smile when you talk to her and will just grin so big that you will do anything to make it keep coming!  She is very interactive and always cracks me up with her eyebrows -- she moves them up and down expressively when she is listening to e talk to her.
--- Such a sweet baby!  As long as she isn't over tired or hungry, she is usually smiling and cooing.  We just love her so much!

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