Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School!

The long-awaited day finally arrived!  My girls have been looking forward to school starting up again ever since our last Classical Conversations meeting last April.  

Karlie was probably the most excited of all of them all... she has been wanting to go to her own class ever since Karis started last year!

We were blessed to have awesome tutors and lots of friends that we love in our classes

Susanna wasn't quite sure what all the excitement was about (or why I woke her up at 8 when she usually sleeps til almost noon.)

The best part was that Daddy switched around his schedule so that he could join us for the first day!

We had a great day and loved our classes!  I truly wish I had taken a video of Karlie's 1st presentation...  her excitement and boldness amazed me and made me laugh :)  But I guess after hearing Karis practice all last year, she was more than ready!

She brought in a picture of our family and went right up front and told the class about everyone in the picture.  "I'm Karlie and this is Daddy.  I love him because he takes me to Splash Valley.  This is Abbi and she is learning to go potty.  She gets one treat when she pees in the potty and two when she poops. This is Susanna and she loves her milk.  This is Karis and she loves her reading lessons.  This is Mommy and she loves to do school with us.  And this is me!"

Karis moved up to an older class which is really good for her.  She was a shy but happy little student and enjoyed her day as well.

We can't wait until week 2!

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