Thursday, July 11, 2013

What happened to June?

Yes, I am well aware that it is now almost the middle of July. But I started this post at the end of June :)  Sweet baby girl still likes a lot of motion in the evenings so my computer time is quite limited :)  So here is a picture dump of what our June looked like:

We love ballet!

Nina came to watch ballet and hold Susanna:

I think this is when Susanna was 3 weeks old (it seems like forever ago!)

We went in the basement one day because of a big storm warning and Karis followed the directions all by herself and made a boat for us:

A few trips to Nina and Papa's house always makes the girls smile!

Playtime at the mall

Lots of kitty snuggles

More fun at ballet:

Daddy took the big girls to a small local water park:

Lots of popsicles in the backyard with our favorite neighbors:

A super fun VBS at our church -- the first time the girls have been to one and they absolutely loved it!!!!

Their first time singing on stage... I was amazed that they didn't seem shy and actually sang their hearts out and did the motions:

Susanna's first time at Daddy's work!

Sweet baby girl around 5 weeks

Ice cream with Grandma and Papa!

Daddy snuggles

A new pool for the backyard!

Lots of yummy watermelon!

The girls made a special kitty bed:

Love those squishy cheeks!

Silly hat night at VBS!

Funny faces from Susanna:

Ballet every Tuesday!

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Claire T said...

I'm so glad all is well - this year is just flying!