Friday, July 26, 2013

July fun

July started out with a fun cookout with both of our parents...  Can I just say that I feel so incredibly blessed that our parents get along well and will get together for holidays?  It is simply wonderful!

Mark did some fireworks in the backyard for the girls... they were so excited!

Mark took the big girls back to NC to do some belated spring pruning and exterior washing on our house (please pray that it sells soon).  They visited a few of their favorite spots as well:

Mellow Mushroom:

The fountain at Mark's old workplace:

Chick-Fil-A had a free chicken dinner night for those who dressed up like a cow.  The girls were really excited about dressing up and I was pretty excited about not having to cook and do dishes :)

Susanna Beth turned 2 months old!

We've been having a family soccer night each week and last week was really special because several of Mark's classmates came with their kids.  It was like a mini-reunion!  The Mamas enjoyed chatting and playing with the babies while the kids played:

Karis found out about the summer reading program at Barnes and Nobles and completed it all in one week.  She chose a My Little Pony book as her reward:

We had fun spending time with a sweet friend who took some precious pictures of our family.  To see more, visit her website: Because It's Joy Photography

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What happened to June?

Yes, I am well aware that it is now almost the middle of July. But I started this post at the end of June :)  Sweet baby girl still likes a lot of motion in the evenings so my computer time is quite limited :)  So here is a picture dump of what our June looked like:

We love ballet!

Nina came to watch ballet and hold Susanna:

I think this is when Susanna was 3 weeks old (it seems like forever ago!)

We went in the basement one day because of a big storm warning and Karis followed the directions all by herself and made a boat for us:

A few trips to Nina and Papa's house always makes the girls smile!

Playtime at the mall

Lots of kitty snuggles

More fun at ballet:

Daddy took the big girls to a small local water park:

Lots of popsicles in the backyard with our favorite neighbors:

A super fun VBS at our church -- the first time the girls have been to one and they absolutely loved it!!!!

Their first time singing on stage... I was amazed that they didn't seem shy and actually sang their hearts out and did the motions:

Susanna's first time at Daddy's work!

Sweet baby girl around 5 weeks

Ice cream with Grandma and Papa!

Daddy snuggles

A new pool for the backyard!

Lots of yummy watermelon!

The girls made a special kitty bed:

Love those squishy cheeks!

Silly hat night at VBS!

Funny faces from Susanna:

Ballet every Tuesday!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Susanna Beth at 1 month!

Oh, how we love this sweet girl!  Susanna Beth has proven to be my most exhausting baby yet, but we just love her so much!  She is a Mama's girl all the way and I pretty much wear her in a sling all day long.  If I am lucky, she will take her morning nap in her bed, but that is the only one I can mostly count on.  She keeps me walking until around 11pm most nights, but then she will usually conk out and sleep four or five hours straight so that I can feel somewhat rested for the next day's workout :)  It is truly exhausting but I know how quickly babies change and grow so I am trying to enjoy her sweet snuggles while I can.  Usually by 4 months my babies are great sleepers so I am hoping that she will be a better napper by then when we are starting back with schoolwork.

Susanna has started to smile this month which is a huge treat.  I have yet to catch her humongous grin on camera, but it is just so precious.  The big sisters get ever so excited when they catch her smiling at them.  Susanna is already fascinated with her big sisters and will often sit in the swing for a few minutes, smiling and watching them until she gets tired and needs Mama's snuggles.
 I really can't believe that we've had Susanna for a month now! I just want to stop time  and keep her little forever!