Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The past two weeks...

Baby Susanna's first week of life went by way too quickly and life got pretty busy.  She is such a sweetie, but has honestly been very challenging for me as well.  I've never had a fussy newborn before!  She had some constipation issues her 2nd and 3rd week that made for some mighty bad gas pain... poor thing!  There is nothing more miserable than walking the halls at 3am with a screaming baby and being able to do nothing to relieve her pain!  (And believe me, we tried it all!)  But I was blessed to have 3 very easy babies, so I guess it is my turn to do some midnight walking :)  Susanna is starting to do better now, but still needs me to hold her pretty much all the time.  I am so thankful for my sling and moby wrap!  I really don't know what I would do without them!   

Another thing that is different about Susanna is that she doesn't love her paci...  definitely a problem in the car or when she is fussy!  With my others, I would just pop them in the sling with the paci, and they would easily drift off to sleep.  But she really doesn't want it a lot of times and is actually offended when I try to give it to her and gets more angry!  And she is determined to scream til she is hysterical in the car.  Needless to say, I just want to stay home with her as much as possible :)  But I love my snuggles and even though it is tough, I don't want this newborn stage to pass too quickly!  She is just too precious!  Here are some pictures from her 2nd and 3rd week of life:

10 days old:

Susanna looking up at me after her first bath... she was pretty content in the water.

2 weeks old!

Abbi enjoyed a Daddy date to Sweet Frog!

And Karis and Karlie enjoyed a Daddy date at our church to watch the children's choir do a funny play:

Ready for bed:

Ready for church:

She actually looks big in this picture:

Daddy snuggles:

I was super blessed to have Lindsay come and help me with the girls for a week!

And the big girls have continued to do soccer each week:

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Anonymous said...

We had problems with the paci as well then realized we were offering the wrong type of paci. The soothi or gumdrop worked so much better for us!