Thursday, June 13, 2013

Karis Lynn at 6 Years

So hard to believe that this sweet girl is 6 years old!

Karis Lynn loves:
... to wear only play dresses and skirts, particularly ones that curtsey well
... to read books
... to play outside with her neighbors
... to go to Classical Conversations and Sunday School
... to go to the library
... to be with her grandparents
... to play Mommy and Daddy and Kid with her sisters
... to bake with Mommy
... having Daddy tickle her and throw her around
... to take walks
... any kind of art or craft
... singing
... ballet
... her top bunk bed -- she likes having her own space in their shared room and her bed is covered in baby dolls, stuffed animals, and special treasures that she does not want Abbi to get.   But she is very particular about how it is arranged and has a hard time on sheet washing day because we have to take it all off.
... her kitty -- while Karlie usually plays dollhouse or legos or something while she listens to stories at naptime, Karis usually just lays on the bed snuggling with her kitty while she listens.  Blackie loves Karis and knows she likes to snuggle and looks forward to naptime.
... anything sweet -- she will eat just about anything in order to get dessert

Karis Lynn does not like:
... anything scary.  If a book has a scary picture in it, she will want me to take it out of her room
... when her sisters grab things from her
... when her sisters are too loud when she is reading a book.  If she is sitting on the couch reading and they start running up and down the hall squealing, she will get frustrated.
... vegetables -- we are getting ready to have a Farmer's Market veggie contest because I am determined to get my girls to eat more veggies!  
...getting hurt - she is quite dramatic and makes quite the fuss when she even barely bumps her arm or something.  We are working on it :)
... when things are not fair -- if Karlie finds a quarter, she wants one, too.  If Karis gets a special treat, she wants me to save one for her sisters.  It is a fine balance to encourage her kindness but also let her know that life is not always fair :)

Karis Lynn is very:
... responsible -- she makes sure we remember everything.  She gets herself dressed and puts away her own clothes and really enjoys folding them herself.  (Not that she always remembers to put her shoes in their bin! :)  She is the ultimate rule follower and can't stand it if someone gets away with doing something she is not supposed to.
... helpful -- she loves to sweep and mop and clean with my cleaning cloths.  There are definitely times when she is more lazy and will make excuses to not straighten her room, but once we get going, she gets excited about putting it in order.  When I was pregnant, she totally understood that I could not bend over to pick things up (pregnancy backache) and was good about getting things for me.
... smart -- I know I'm her mother and I am seriously biased, but I am constantly amazed at all she knows and can remember and read.  It has been a real joy and challenge to homeschool her!  She picked up on reading sight words without my having to drill her on them at all, just by reading books.  And she remembers things from years ago that I don't even remember!
... shy in new situations and won't even smile, but once she feels comfortable, she is as happy as a lark!
... excited about her new baby sister and wants to hold her and dress her all the time.
... generous -- she loves to give random presents or artwork to friends

Karis Lynn is such a joy and I am so blessed to be her mother!!

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