Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

My girls are super blessed to have an awesome Daddy who takes the time to make them feel special, disciplines them when it is needed, teaches them about God, and plays with them every chance he gets.  We never expected to have 4 girls, but I think God knew that only a special man like Mark could handle and enjoy them.  I know we must drive him a bit crazy sometimes, but he takes it in stride and demonstrates his love for us over and over.  I am constantly amazed at how he uses almost every day off to do special things with them!  All of my big girls are complete Daddy's girls and would rather be with him than any person on earth.  And I'm pretty soon Susanna will be vying for his attention as well soon as she gets big enough to try :)  Thank you, Mark, for being the best Daddy I could ever wish for my girls!  Here are a few things they had to say about you this year:

All About Daddy 2013

Daddy's Favorite Food: (Abbi) “ice cream”
(Karlie) “Meat”
(Karis) “ice cream and brownie”

Daddy's Favorite color: (Abbi) “Purple”
(Karis) “Blue”
(Karlie) “Green”

Daddy's Best friends: (all three shouting) “ME!”

Daddy's Favorite games to play: (Karis) “Dead Ants”
(Karlie) “Freeze Tag and Stuck in the Mud”

What does Daddy do best? (Karis) “Carrying us”
(Karlie) “Piggy Back and Pork-belly Rides”
(Abbi) “Soccer”

Daddy's Favorite Place to Go: (All 3) “Pool!”
(Karlie) “Soccer”

Favorite thing to do with his girls: (Karis) “Go to church”
(Karlie) “Watch TV”

Favorite chore: (Karlie) “Mow the grass”
(Karis) “work at soccer”

Favorite drink: (Karis) “Chocolate milk”

How old is Daddy? (Abbi) “2” (Karlie) “13” (Karis) “34”

What is Daddy's favorite animal? (Abbi) “Tiger!” (Karlie) “elephant” (Karis) “red panda, crane, and pink flamingo”

Daddy's favorite breakfast – (Karlie) “Apples and eggs and bacon”

Daddy's favorite restaurant – (Karlie) “Mellow Mushroom” (Karis) “Cracker Barrel”

I'm happy when Daddy.... (Karlie) “takes us to Sweet Frog” (Karis) “Plays with me”

(Abbi) “Playdoh”

I love Daddy because... (Karlie) “He loves me” (Karis) “He plays with me”

How does Daddy make you laugh? (all screaming together) “He tickles me!!!!”

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