Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fun at Grandma and Papa's pool!

We took Susanna on her first overnight stay to Grandma and Papa's house and the big girils were so excited about two days at the pool!

They think it is hilarious to watch Daddy jump off the diving board!

Grandma got some Susanna snuggles while the girls swam:

Karlie is always getting in trouble for that tongue!

Abbi was hesitant at first and Daddy showed great patience in carrying her around the pool:

But she was oh, so happy!

Susanna was pretty serious about the whole trip :)

All smiles from Karlie!

Karis loves for Daddy to get her more than anything!

Abbi stayed by the side of the pool for the first part of our swimming day and threw in all the toys:

While Karis played all over the pool and loved to be chased by Daddy:

 Abbi finally got wet and wanted to kiss the fish float:
 Daddy thought kissing Abbi was more fun:

Finally swimming!  She loved it and did not want to get out!
 I love that happy, excited grin!

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Polish family said...

Fantastic! I love all these smiles!