Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All I Want For Christmas...

Ok, so maybe it isn't really close to Christmas time yet, but we've had fun singing the song with Karis!  The DeLong household is pretty excited about Karis losing her first teeth!

We were pretty amazed at how quickly it happened... On Saturday she started complaining that her tooth hurt and we told her maybe she was going to start losing some.  On Sunday, it did indeed feel loose! On Monday, it was so loose that Mark and I were grossed out by it.  We put the girls to bed and were sitting in the living room talking about how traumatic it was going to be when it came out.  (Our Karis is more than a little bit dramatic about things, particularly if they involve blood!)  I had just laughed and said that I was praying it would happen on Wednesday since he would be home to help and out Karis walked, grinning ear to ear with a gap in her teeth and carrying the one that had been loose.  No tears, no drama, just pure proudness and excitement.  We asked how it happened and she said she just reached up and pulled it out! We were dumbfounded and quite proud of our big little girl!  (Not to mention the fact that neither of us would have wanted to pull it :)

We don't really do the tooth fairy, so we let her pick something fun to do and she chose to go to Sweet Frog with Daddy and get frozen yogurt with her choice of toppings.  And then Daddy decided to make it a super fun day by taking she and Karlie to a splash park after lunch!

Then we were surprised again two days later when she came in our room an hour before it was time for her to get up and said the other tooth had just fallen out while she slept!  (I was so thankful she found it and didn't choke on it!)
Doesn't she look like a big girl now?
And if you are looking for a good book to read about losing teeth, One Morning In Maine by McCloskey is just delightful.  We have read it many times and I'm convinced it is one of the reasons why Karis wasn't scared about her teeth falling out at all :)

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