Thursday, May 9, 2013

Waiting on baby

Less than 2 weeks left til my due date and we are getting excited!  We are almost done sorting and washing the initial baby things that we are going to need and packing that birth center bag.  I just have to say that we have been really blessed by generous friends.  By the fourth baby, most of the clothes have spit-up stains and most of the bigger necessities are broken or out of date.  The Mom2Mom group that I have been attending has really been a blessing to me.  Several different ladies have given us things we needed: an infant carseat, bouncer, pack-n-play with bassinet, and even a tote full of newborn boy clothes in case we end up with a boy!  And then my Sunday School friends gave me a shower and I ended up with gift cards to buy the other baby things we were needing.  It is so exciting how God has provided for this little baby!

I still need prayer for my iron levels to go up and that BabyD4 will stay put at least another week so that I can get re-checked.  My latest bloodwork showed that I had improved to 9.3, which is a lot better but not good enough.  I'm supposed to be at 10 for my midwife to deliver my baby rather than go to a hospital.  She said she can accept me at 9.8 so I have to raise it at least a half point before labor begins!  For once I am actually praying for an overdue baby.  Thankfully, 2 out of my 3 were overdue so I have great hope.  Please pray with us that BabyD4 will stay put til my iron goes up!  It would be horrible to have to go to a random hospital with a random doctor that I have never met before and they will think I am absolutely crazy for refusing all normal procedures.  It would just be battle after battle.  But I absolutely love my midwife and her lovely birthing center and I really believe God brought me to her so I am trying not to stress.  It will all work out.

Everything else looks great -- all my vitals and the baby's as well.  My GBS test was thankfully negative and I am so glad I don't have to worry about antibiotics during labor!  My chiropractor said that it looks like the baby has dropped some but he thinks it will stay in at least another week.  I don't know what makes him think so, but I sure hope he is right!

And here are 2 pictures of the big sisters who are impatiently crossing off each day until the baby comes.  I cannot tell you how excited they are and how much fun they have had going through baby clothes with me this week!

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