Sunday, May 26, 2013

Susanna's first week!

Susanna had a pretty quiet first week of life.  I was pretty amazingly blessed to have lots of help this week.  My parents stayed until Tuesday and then Mark's Mom came and stayed until Saturday when my folks came back for the weekend!  And Mark took off work a bunch to help out as well.  Needless to say, the big girls had a pretty exciting week and I had a wonderfully relaxing week to recover.  

Every single morning, I call the girls in our room once I have fed Susanna and they are ever so excited to pick out her clothes.  They always choose a hairbow and socks as shoes as well.  This baby is dressed to a "T," even if it only lasts about 15 minutes because she gets so exhausted after getting dressed that it is always quickly time for her nap.  The big girls help me put lotion on her and change her diaper and get her dressed, and then they each take turns holding her.  They are so sweet to her and pretty much fight over who gets to hold her every time she is awake.  After they finish their morning snuggles, Susanna goes back to sleep for a couple hours.

Day 1:  

Day 2:

Day 3:

I just have to write about how sweet Abbi is with Susanna.  All day long she will sneak in my room and say, "hold Susanna Bef, pwease?"  And then once she is holding her, she will talk  to her in the sweetest, highest voice and give her lots of kisses and say over and over, "I wuv you, Susanna Bef."  It is truly one of the most precious things ever.

Karlie has wanted to hold Susanna a lot as well and she is always telling me to take away my hand because she wants to do it all by herself.

Day 4:

Karis is really good at holding Susanna and asks to hold her all day long, but she often wants to take care of her more than snuggle for too long, it seems.  She wants to do everything I do to Susanna and keeps her surrounded by her toys and blankets and keeps telling me that she bets she could nurse Susanna if I would let her :)

Right after Abbi has just given Susanna a kiss:

Day 5:

Day 6:  Susanna's first outing -- to the park at the zoo for Karis's birthday.  It was super windy and I kept her in my wrap the entire time.  She happily snuggled there for about 2 hours :)

My sweet snuggle-bug:

I love all the different faces she makes when she sleeps:

It has been such a wonderful week with Susanna Beth!  I still can hardly believe she is here!

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Claire T said...

What a sweet girl! Love the pics, Meg.