Thursday, May 23, 2013

Susanna's First Day: Meeting big sisters and going home!

Susanna was born right before 7am and Nina and Papa brought the big sisters to meet her about 3 hours later.  They came in very excited but shy and quiet at first.  I had decided to wait and let them pick out her first outfit and they were so happy to dress her up!  It was a special time :)  We took a video and lots of pictures:

 After she was all dressed up, they wanted to put her in the bassinet and rock her:

After the excitement of meeting Susanna, the girls had fun exploring the birthing center.  My midwife was even kind enough to let them climb in the birthing pool where Susanna was born!

Nina and Papa finally got their snuggles in while the girls were exploring:

We could have left with the girls, but I was exhausted and still a little unsteady.  Plus, we knew how excited the girls were and knew that home would not be very quiet.  So we decided to stay at the birthing center til right before the girls went to bed, around 7pm.

My parents kept us company and well-fed and we all took naps.

Then our sweet friends, Gavin and Casey came to visit and brought balloons and presents and milkshakes!

Right before 7 we started packing up to leave:
My midwife helped Susanna while Daddy fixed the carseat base:

So sweet!  I just love those chubby cheeks!

When we got home, I was amazed at how hard it was for me to climb out of the car.  I had to remember that usually I don't do it for another day or two because we usually stay at the hospital longer!

As soon as we got out of the car, we started laughing because the girls were just a waiting on us!

Karis and Karlie and Pup-pup were at the door waving and smiling:

And Abbi was banging on the window and laughing hyseterically:

 Susanna Beth finally at home!

Abbi was the first to hold her:

Karlie waited excitedly in Papa's lap:

And then laughed the whole time she held Susanna:
Somehow I missed a picture of Karis holding her; I need to see who took one.

We finally got the big girls to bed and my friend Mary came over to be baby whisperer while I rested and got ready for bed.  Susanna likes to suck and had wanted to nurse for hours and Mama needed a break :)  What an exciting day!


Polish mama said...

It is a huge pleasure to watch you all so happy and smiling! I just love your blog - always gives me so much positive energy - you are all just radiating (I hope it's the right word) with joy. I wish you all the best! and for you: relax and good sleep (though I know it is easy to say ;) Best greetings from Poland :) Mag with family.

Elizabeth said...

She is beautiful! I started following your favorite recipes blog after googling for a whole wheat pizza crust recipe. My 2 kids are the same age as Karlie and Abbi so I love to see what your girls are up to. I have done 2 natural births in the hospital, so I would love to hear your perspective of the differences in birthing naturally at a birth center and a hospital since you have done both.