Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday, Karis Lynn!

Ever since we found out that this baby was due on Karis's birthday, she has been telling everyone that she was going to have a baby as her birthday present.  Then when we had surprise snowdays on both Karlie and Abbi's birthdays, she would say, "Karlie and Abbi got snow for their birthdays, but I am getting a baby!"  

Well, amazingly enough, Karis got her wish! We had planned an early zoo party for her since I tend to be overdue with my babies.  However, bright and early Sunday morning, the day of her party, I went into labor and gave birth to Susanna Beth!  I was worried that Karis would be sad about missing her party, but she was so excited about her new baby sister and never once showed the slightest bit a sadness for missing her party.  We told her, of course, that we would plan it for the next weekend, and she was perfectly happy with that.  I was incredibly proud of her!

Her actual birthday was on Wednesday and she was excited to wake up and find a card from Nina with 6 dollars in it!

After getting dressed, Daddy and Nina took her to Build-A-Bear, where she got a fancy dress, necklace, and sparkly high-heeled shoes for her bear.  (She had gotten the bear at Karlie's birthday, but she didn't get any clothes.)  She decided to re-name her bear, "Fancy-Nancy," after one of her favorite storybook characters.

Karis had requested peppermint cupcakes baked in an ice cream cone and Grandma had the wisdom to make some ahead of time and freeze them in case the baby came and I didn't have time to make them.  Thank you Grandma!

She closed her eyes while she blew out the candles :)

So excited about her special cupcakes!

Abbi had to lick every single drop

And Karlie chose the chocolate chip ones

That evening, Papa Marvin came by and brought Karis her special present: a PRINCESS bike!  She has been riding a blue one that was given to us for a while now, but it was much too small for her.  She has been asking for a new one and was amazed at how beautiful this one was!

On Saturday afternoon, we finally made it to the zoo!

The red panda is always a favorite!

Evi is one of the girls' very best friends and we were so glad she could come with us to the zoo even after we changed the date to a holiday weekend!

After the zoo, we had a picnic-party at the park.  Karis was very excited that our neighbors could join us for this part.  We have the best neighbors and the girls play outside with them almost every day.

And of course we had to go see the star before going home!

 We saved some of the presents for at home because of the wind so Karis had yet another party at home!

I think that because of Susanna, Karis ended up with a week of birthday fun rather than just a day of it :)  She sure did have a happy birthday and we are so thankful for our sweet 6 year old!

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