Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fun Triple Date Night!

Since this baby is due in just 2 weeks and next weekend is Mather's Day and the following is Karis' party (hopefully), we figured we should go on one more fun date before the craziness begins.  We were so happy that two of our favorite couples could join us!  We went to a super nice restaurant for dinner and then to another one just to get a fabulous favorite dessert :)  It was so wonderful to laugh and relax with such good friends and eat such yummy food! 

Look at that humongous belly!  Seriously, I had no idea it was so big until I saw this picture :)  I mean, I feel huge, but this picture just confirmed it. HA!

Mary and Samy

Gavin and Casey

The girls

Attempted group shot as we were heading to our cars:

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