Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Exciting Times!

It is such an exciting time to be waiting on baby's arrival!  Only a week til my due date so it can truly happen any time.  (Karlie was a week early.) Thankfully, we have had much to keep us busy and it is amazing how quickly time is passing! 

Last weekend was not only Mother's Day but also my Mom's birthday.  My parents came and stayed with us and we had a lot of fun!

Then today was Daddy's birthday so we had to make my Grandmother's amazing pound cake (with sprinkles added) for him.  The girls beg to make it for Daddy for nearly every special occasion because it is so good and they know he loves it.

Daddy wanted to do something fun with his girls for his birthday so we decided to check out the Homestead Creamery Farm and market.  As you can tell by Karlie's chocolate mustache and arm, the ice cream was delicious!

Abbi was almost as dirty :)

The animals were quite friendly and kept the girls laughing as the followed us around and stuck their heads out of the fence.  They really seemed to want our attention!

There was an awesome sandbox with the animals right beside it!
 Abbi enjoyed the excavator!

Now we just have to pray that this baby will stay put through the weekend so we can get my iron level up, enjoy a visit from a favorite friend, get my parents back in town (they are going to NC for my brother's graduation), and celebrate Karis's birthday a little early.  But we have completely cleared our calendar  after Sunday evening, so baby is welcome to come anytime after that!  (As if we could tell baby what to do :)

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