Saturday, April 27, 2013

Random April Update

We haven't taken a lot of pictures lately; just a few random ones on our phone.  But we have been busy!  

I've reached the last month of pregnancy and am definitely feeling it :)  So sore by evening time and the baby feels like it is going to kick/ punch his/ her way out of my belly.  It is very entertaining to the girls!  Karis in particular loves to push on my belly to try to make the baby push back.  Everything concerning baby looks great and I love my midwife!  I am so excited about avoiding the hospital this time around. I do have to raise my iron level by 1.5 in order to give birth at the center, but I am diligently working on it with nasty Floradix and dessicated liver pills and molasses so I'm not too worried.  As long as BabyD4 will stay put for at least two more weeks til I can be re-tested I should be fine.  And I've no history of going more than a week early (I'm much more likely to be overdue) so I'm sure the numbers will go up before labor begins.  I have been having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, which I don't remember having in past pregnancies, but I'm just hoping that means my body will be more ready and labor will go faster :)

The girls have been loving the beautiful spring weather and I've been loving the chance to throw them outside in the back yard every evening while I make dinner.  No more 4:00 whininess!  They have a special dirt hole that they love playing with in addition to our yard toys.  If I didn't have to wear out my back cleaning them off every time they came in, it would be perfect :)  The girls are in love with our neighbors and they come over to play just about every afternoon.  If the girls hear the neighbor kids outside at any time of the day, they immediately start begging to go outside and join them.  They are still getting used to the bugs of spring-time and Karlie is known to come inside pre-maturely if she sees a spider.  But she usually returns after a short break when she sees how much fun everyone else is having through the window :)  I am so thankful for the fenced in backyard!

Here are some random pictures from our phones from the last 2 weeks:

Mark took the girls to a special Easter musical at our church and they LOVED the special cross that was part of the show.

We started Karis out in Karlie's 4-year old Sunday School class because they were both pretty shy and wanted to be together.  After subbing in that class one week last month, however, I quickly realized that both of them had overcome their shyness and Karis was definitely ready for her age group.  So we moved her up and Karlie was determined to come see Karis' new class:

My aunt gave the girls some of her grand-daughter's toys and clothes.  The girls found this wig particularly hilarious:

A young man who was in Mark's youth group 8 years ago when we previously lived here is now the photographer for the local natural food co-op.  He found out I shop there and asked to take pictures of our family for the magazine.  Imagine my surprise to find that we were on the cover!

A random picture Mark took of the little girls pretending to be asleep in their reading nook.  Usually when they pretend play, Karis is the Mama, Karlie is the daddy, and Abbi is their little girl.  Apparently Karis had told them it was nap time :)

i celebrated my 31st birthday last weekend.

These awesome cupcakes were my favorite treat!

Abbi enjoyed the leftovers so much that she really tried to eat the plate to get every single bit!

Karlie was excited because Grandma braided her hair:

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