Monday, April 8, 2013

Last Day of Classical Conversations

We have had the best year of Classical Conversations!  I have watched Karis go from being so shy that we could hardly hear her talk during her presentation, to the girl who raises her hand excitedly to answer questions and who loves giving her presentation.  It has been so good for her! Not to mention the amazing amount of information that she and Karlie have learned.  Oh, we love this program!  She has also developed great friendships that have been so good for her.  

Today was the last day of school for this year.  We were quite sad about it, but there were so many fun things planned that Karis was just about to burst from excitement.  For their presentation today, the students were asked to dress up as anything we had learned over the past year.  When Karis heard the word "dress-up", she immediately wanted to be a princess like Belle or Cinderella, but she eventually agreed to be Queen Elizabeth and she was quite excited about it:

Karis with several of her friends from class.  The cute little boy in the middle is utterly determined to marry her someday, which she finds hilarious.

There were several from her class out of town today (since the last day of school was pushed back because of snow), but this is a fun picture with her teacher and several of her friends.  Her teacher dressed up as an explorer and then proceeded to give them all compasses and take them on a super-fun treasure hunt!

We have had such a wonderful year and can't wait to see what next year brings at Classical Conversations!

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