Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring haircuts!

We've been wanting to get the big girls' hair cut for some time now.  Karlie's hair has gotten ridiculously tangly and can seriously take me 20 minutes to brush in the mornings.  And I really don't have that kind of time to spend on hair, particularly when I have 3 little girls' hair to brush!  Karis's hair doesn't tangle as badly, but she always wants to wear it down rather than in a clip or ponytail, and it was always in her face or getting in her food.  We finally made the time to get them nice, short, spring cuts today and we are so excited with how cute they look and how easy it is to brush their hair

As a fun "before" picture, this is what Karlie's hair looked like when Karis decided to decorate it:

 And a quick picture to show how Karis' hair often dropped into her food:

Now for the haircuts!  They were both pretty excited about it and very cooperative!

The hair dresser said she cut about 9 inches off Karlie's hair!

 Ready for warm weather!!

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