Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter bucket list at Grandma and Papa's!

When Karis found out that we were going to Grandma and Papa's for Easter, she began reminding us of every special activity done in years past:  dying Easter eggs, making Easter cookies, planting flowers, Easter baskets, etc.  Thankfully, we managed to squeeze it all in today and the girls had one of the "funnest days ever" (direct quote from Karlie).

We decided to do Easter baskets from Grandma and Papa early since Sunday is usually a bit rushed to get to church on time.  Abbi was amazed and immediately ate a bit of candy:

Ready for Easter eggs!

Abbi's first time doing Easter eggs.  She was both very excited and serious about her job:

She wanted to take the eggs out immediately, so we had to practice counting to 20 to ensure that they got enough color:

Papa had gotten them a castle tent that they were quite excited about, even though they said it was "not a pretty castle" (it didn't have any pink or purple).  Grandma read them books inside the castle:

Next on the agenda: cookies!

Then bubble time outside while the cookies baked!
Abbi tried to catch them with her wand....

While Karis tried to pop them with her shield:

After nap time, it was time for planting flowers:

Such a beautiful, fun day!

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