Sunday, March 31, 2013

Baby D4 poll and 32 week baby bump

Since I'm well into the 3rd trimester, I decided it was about time to start the guessing game for this new baby!  Please take our poll and let us know whether you think we will be having a boy or girl and whether this baby will be early or late or big or small.  This is all just for fun and I can't wait to hear your answers!  I will freeze the guessing at the beginning of May since at that point the baby could safely come at any time.  (Although since I tend to be overdue, I am not expecting it :)

And no, I have absolutely no idea what this baby is.  My morning sickness has gotten much worse with each pregnancy so that was not a clue.  This baby seems to be quite low in contrast to Abbi, but my first two stayed pretty low as well.  So I am really excited about being surprised at birth!  Of course, as my husband says, we will only be truly surprised if it is a boy, ha, ha! :)

Everyone has been begging me for belly shots, so here goes.  I always feel so silly taking pictures by myself so I haven't done it at all yet.  But at almost 33 weeks, I guess it is time this baby has some pictures!

My Mom thinks I am carrying this baby much lower than last time and I tend to agree, because I feel like there is a lot more pressure lower than last time.  Abbi never dropped at all until I was going through transition during labor, but this baby has felt quite low for quite a while now.

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Anonymous said...

Girls must be very excited for new sister/brother. I like Your family.I would like have kids,but Its rather imposible for me.Anyway, I wish You luck.