Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Abbi Grace at 2 years...

Oh that super fun and frustrating age of 2!  Abbi Grace has hit it with a bang and never fails to keep us laughing hysterically or shaking our heads in frustration :)  Oh, how we love that sweet face!  She is definitely in the "Abbi do it!!!!!!" stage and wants to do everything on her own whether or not she is capable.  But she constantly surprises me with how much she is actually in fact capable of doing!

Abbi is a great talker now and pretty much talks non-stop all day.  And if she is talking to you, she usually has her finger out and is pointing at you for emphasis.   It is really funny.  "Abbi run so fast!" she will say, pointing at you seriously and you had better watch her or she will say it again more loudly!  We went through a miserably sick spell during our packing days right after Christmas and I gave in and let them watch a bunch of veggie tales while I tried to get things done.  She had already been super obsessed with the veggie tales Christmas CD and has one Veggie Tale book that she loves.  She hasn't seen a video since,  but she talks about Larry, Junior, and Bob Tomato all the the time.  If you ask her name, you might get lucky and hear her say Abbi Grace, but most likely she will point seriously at you and say, "Abbi is Bob Tomato."  It is hilarious.

All of my girls have been Daddy's girls at this stage of life, but none of them have been quite as obsessed with Daddy as Abbi Grace.  I cannot do anything for her if he is at home.  If she wakes up in the middle of the night needing something and I go to help her, she will scream, "No, Mama, No!  I want Daddy!"  And in the morning, when she starts fussing to get up, she won't let me do it!  I get up before Mark and many days she has to wait in her crib for a while for him to get out of bed and get her up, but she would rather wait in her crib than let Mama do it.  It is amazing.  But honestly, it is a good thing because my pregnant belly is pretty big now and I have back trouble so it is really nice that she wants Daddy to do everything for her.  And thankfully she understands when he is at work and lets me help her with her afternoon nap.

Abbi has quite a happy personality (as long as you don't cross her) and is truly a joy to be around.   She loves to have conversations with anyone and is quite sociable.  After the initial shock of nursery, she has really enjoyed going and playing with the other kids during church and Classical Conversations.  Abbi loves all the Classical Conversations songs the girls sing and knows just about all of them as well.  During school time, she usually dances around and sings with them.  Tablework time is a little more challenging, but she loves to draw on our dry-erase board, do puzzles, and pretend to "do maps" (like big sisters) with markers so we have made a lot of progress in getting schoolwork accomplished since we first moved.

Abbi has learned from her sisters and is already very particular about what she wears and pretty much chooses her outfits every day.  She especially loves anything with purple on it.

Although she is quite the happy camper, Abbi has definitely gotten into the 2 year old pout and fit throwing and is daily learning that she is not in charge.  Her little pout is absolutely adorable but she is also known to throw her hands down and scream, "No, Mama, no!" as loud as she can.  Not fun because she is super stubborn but she is learning and her tantrums have gotten shorter lately so I think our discipline is working.

Going to see Daddy at work is always a highlight for Abbi.  She gets so excited when I get her up for a nap and change her into "Daddy's shirt" to go play ball with him!

Abbi is a great eater and as long as I strap her in her high chair to keep her from wandering, she will pretty much eat until the table is clear and everyone else has left.   She eats butter and cod-liver oil by the spoonfuls and just like her sisters, absolutely adores Trader Joe's chicken-apple-sausage and their pesto tortellini.  She calls tortellini "Tinky-winki."  It is really the only food she has made up a nickname for and it is adorable (unless she is screaming for more.)  Her favorite snack is home-made cereal or tortillas and "circle cheese" (the little red Baby Bell Gouda cheese).  My how we miss having a Trader Joe's around here!  The only thing she doesn't seem to like is a casserole; she prefers her food all separated.

Abbi still loves her purple sippy (Nalgene bottle) and her bear-softy and takes them everywhere.  I used to have a strict home and car-only policy for such things, but when we had trouble transitioning to nursery, I allowed her to take them and now she wants them everywhere.  But school is ending next month and I am planning to restrict them to the house once and for all after that.

Abbi knows about the baby and likes to tell everyone.  We recently had to do a family presentation at our CC co-op and after I introduced all the girls, Abbi shouted out for everyone to hear, "Mama has baby in her belly!" She wasn't the least bit shy about being up on stage in front of all those people!  She gives my baby (big belly) hugs and kisses every night before bed.  So sweet!

Abbi is quite the bruiser and often hurts her older sisters by mistake (and sometimes on purpose) by climbing on them or knocking them down or running over their toes with the doll stroller.  But she is normally really sweet and quick to give hugs and say, "Abbi sorry."

Abbi is in such a funny and feisty stage and I am trying to savor every moment because I know it will pass quickly.  Oh, how we love this little girl!

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