Monday, March 11, 2013

A fun Friday!

Last Friday was a super crazy day for us, but so much fun!  

It started out super early when Nina came to play with the girls while Mark and I went to meet my midwife and see her birthing facility.  (Answer to prayer!  This was a midwife I had tried to hire earlier, but she was booked for the end of May.  I called her back later when I couldn't find anyone else and she had since then had a cancellation!)  OK, so maybe it wasn't Mark's idea of a a great date (he gets a little woozy anytime you start talking about the birth process), but I sure enjoyed it!  Then we grabbed a quick breakfast together and hit up a consignment sale on clearance.  (Once again, definitely my kind of date more than Mark's.  I sure have a nice husband!)

After a fun morning playing with Nina, the big girls got to go on a special Daddy date/ field trip with their Classical Conversations friends to Dixie Caverns!  (Abbi and I took a much needed nap!)  Karis and Karlie were so excited and Mark was as well since he had never been.  The field trip was every bit as exciting as they had hoped and they've been telling me about it ever since!

And what is a Daddy date without ice cream?  They love being able to pick their own toppings and flavors :)

Meanwhile, Abbi woke up and was super excited about putting on "Daddy's shirt" to get ready to play soccer with some friends at his work.  We had to rush to get the big girls ready in time when they returned, but they were super eager to go play with their friends!

This is Evi, one of my girls' best friends now that we are back in VA.  (Her Mama happens to be one of my best friends so it works out perfectly!)

Grandma and Papa even came to watch the girls have fun at soccer and then we had fun going out to eat with them.  What a fun day!


Kristen said...

What are the names of the midwives you were interested in from Roanoke? We're hoping to move back sometime in the future, and I'm hoping I can find another midwife there.

Meg said...

From all my research, the most highly recommended are Karen Winstead, Susan Oschel, and Hannah Mann. Karen has a birthing center in Rocky Mount, and she is the one I was able to get in with.

Margaret Knox said...

I LOVE Abbi's ponytail. The girls are getting so big. We miss you all!