Thursday, February 21, 2013

Abbi's Grace turns 2!

It is really hard to believe that my baby had another birthday!  M spunky Abbi Grace is now two years old!

Ever since Karlie's birthday, Abbi had been talking about "Abbi's birday soon!"  All she wanted was a pink and purple cake and for her grandparents to come.  Since we were still unpacking boxes and trying to get adjusted after our move, we were thankful that we could handle her requests :)  

The "party" was scheduled for after nap-time and the girls were so excited they could hardly stand it.  So we went outside to wait for daddy to come home:

Then we let Abbi open a couple presents while we got the food ready:

Daddy found this amazing double-decker cookie cake and just had to get it for Abbi.  She is currently obsessed with the "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" book so this was perfect :)

Waiting on the cookie cake!

She sees it coming and is just so excited!

Our attempt at a family picture while Abbi kept grabbing at the icing :)

It did not disappoint!

Her other obsession is "Monkey George" so Grandma and Papa gave her a stuffed monkey and the Curious George Collection!  She was really excited!

Such a fun and special birthday for such a fun and special girl!!!

(And yes, I do know that I am well over-due for yearly posts for both Karlie and Abbi.  Soon!)

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