Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A long overdue up-date!

Wow; we sure have been busy!  It has taken us a while to get settled into a new routine, but I think we are finally getting there.  Here are some random pictures and updates in no particular order:

-- the girls have done well adjusting to the move.  Karis never missed a beat and has been absolutely ecstatic about all the new friends she is getting to know and new places she is going.  Karlie and Abbi had a more emotional time adjusting to all the changes but are doing well now. Karlie went through a stage where she would break down emotionally at the flip of a hat and Abbi had a really hard time going to the nursery at our new homeschool co-op, but we worked through those issues and now both of them are as happy as can be!  They love their new teachers and friends!

-- Mark has been unbelievably busy at work and working later hours which was hard (for me, especially) to adjust to at first, but things are calming down now that the new business has started and he really likes his new job.  

-- I have been immersed with Mommy friends now that I am back in VA and cannot believe what an encouragement it is!  I have a Tuesday night book study on parenting little ones with some absolutely wonderful ladies as well as a Thursday morning book study on marriage with a different set of awesome ladies!  I am soaking up all the precious fellowship and encouragement while I can, because I only have about 3 months left before that sweet and blissful, but sleep-deprived newborn stage hits us all over again.

We have been incredibly, amazingly blessed by our church family back in NC.  They have spent multiple work days at our old house, painting and cleaning, and helping to get it ready to sell.  I still cannot believe all the hours that they have put in!  And it looks amazing!  eBut yesterday we received some horribly disheartening news and really need your prayers for our house to sell at a decent price:   Our next door neighbor's house was foreclosed and the bank did a quick sell at $30,000 less than the house was worth. As you can imagine, it totally destroys the selling value of our house which we are putting on the market on Friday.  With all that we have put into our house, we cannot afford to drop the price too much so please pray that someone will believe it is worth its true value!!!!  We cannot afford 2 house payments for long and desperately need to sell it ASAP.

I am super close to being in the 3rd trimester but still haven't figured out who will deliver this baby!  I had 3 top choices but it appears that the end of May is a popular time to have a baby and all 3 midwives are pretty booked and afraid to take me on.  Please pray that God will give me wisdom to know what to do and who to contact!  I am hoping that perhaps they will agree to be back-up for each other because one of them is bound to be available when I go into labor, but that is not the common policy so I don't know if it will work.

Now for the random pictures:

Abbi absolutely loves the rocking chair I got from my grandmother:

Mark's new business had its grand opening and it was a lot of fun!

Mark and his partner/ best friend

The girls and Nina and I enjoying snacks at the reception:

The man who owns the Chinese restaurant in the mall is super nice and thinks the world of Gavin and Mark and offered to do a Chinese lion dance for entertainment at the opening.  Kind of random for a sports place, but it was really neat and the girls were thoroughly entertained :)

Lots of snuggling and tickling with Daddy:

Karlie playing with Daddy's phone:

So excited that we have tree in our front yard that they can climb!

Sweet sisters before church on Sunday:

Getting some Pup-pup love:

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Sarah Baker said...

I stumbled onto your blog somehow and I have reading your stories! I graduated from RVCS in 98 so Mark may remember me. Anyway, you probably already have this information but I used this midwife with my son 8 years ago. I had him at the hospital but Hannah was right with me the entire time. Recommend her!! I googled her name to see if she's still in midwifery and seems she is. Hope this helps!