Monday, January 28, 2013

Snow day in VA!

Before we even planned on moving to VA, the girls would say that they wished we could move to VA because Grandma and Papa and Nina and Papa always get so much snow.  When they found out that we were indeed moving back, snow was one of the first thoughts on their mind!  They often told us that now that we were going to live in VA, we could play in lots of snow!  So you can imagine their great joy when we received about 5 inches of snow our very first week in VA!!

It was not snowing before nap-time, but it looked like this when they woke up, so of course we had to go out immediately!

We didn't last too long because we did not know where our snow things were located and frozen fingers can only be ignored but so long.  So the rest of the afternoon they watched the beautiful snow fall as they waited for Daddy to come home and find our box of snow clothes!

Excited about suiting up to go out and play the following morning:

And finally the fun really starts!

Abbi was excited but a little confused about it all...

Karis just could not stop smiling!

And Karlie was the funniest of all...  she would laugh hysterically and squeal the entire time on the sled and then fall backwards in the snow when it stopped!

And every now and then she would do a face-plant just for the fun of it!

 And of course we had to make hot chocolate when they came in!

And snow ice cream with sprinkles later that night for dessert!

 What a fun snow day!

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Dominika said...

Oh, I love looking at photos of your girls playing wwith snow. I've lived in Ireland for 8 years now and snow is one of things I miss most about Poland.
It's fantastic to see how you all love your new place. Have fun!