Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ready for school!

We moved into our new house on Saturday and tried to unpack a few boxes on Sunday.  We were completely unsuccessful.  The girls have been extremely excited about this move, very happy about it whenever discussing it, and pretty much bouncing off the walls in joy.  But my girls thrive on routine and change makes them crazy.  Super, ridiculously emotional.  So on Sunday we quickly realized that our girls needed our attention and gave up on unpacking and ran a few errands with them that we needed to do.  So we were pretty much still living out of our suitcases when my alarm went off on Monday morning (note:  I have not used an alarm clock in years so it was a rude awakening).  And it was a cold, rainy, miserable day.  But we were still excited about going to our new Classical Conversations co-op for the first time!

Mark snapped a couple of phone pictures as we walked inside.... since it was such a rainy day, the girls were super excited to see that this church actually has a covered playground as well as an outdoor one!

We love Karis' new teacher, who is also the director.  Karis had a blast in her new class and is very excited about all her new friends!  Karlie would like to join her in class, but is being very kind to help Abbi by staying in the nursery for now.  We are really looking forward to what this school semester brings!

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