Friday, January 25, 2013

Karlie turns 4!

In all the craziness of moving, my precious Karlie Sue turned 4 years old!   I plan to write up a long post about what Karlie is like at 4 years old to remember this stage forever, but for now, I wanted to go ahead and post a few pictures we took on her birthday.

Karlie was very excited to wake up to home-made cinnamon rolls with cream-cheese icing and sprinkles!  Then Nina came by and dropped off her presents before work (so fun to live in the same town as Nina!)

She got special cards in the mail from both sets of grandparents with money and princess stickers!

We met Daddy at lunchtime at Build-A-Bear!  It was the girls' first time there and they thought it was absolutely amazing!  Since it was Karlie's birthday, she got to pick out a more expensive bear (a pink and purple rainbow bear) and a special outfit (a princess dress) while Karis chose a pretty white bear and Abbi chose a puppy.  They are all very excited about their animals and sleep with them and carry them around all day. They were also very excited about the boxes (castle houses for their animals) and decorated them and carried them around for days as well.  We had a hard time figuring out how to make Karlie's birthday special in the midst of the craziness of moving but Build-A-Bear certainly made them smile!

After Build-A-Bear, Grandma and Papa came over to give Karlie presents.  Once again, it is so much fun living so close to the grandparents!!!

And Karlie thought the best present of all was the amazing snow that fell on her birthday!!!

Daddy finished off a special day right by bringing home purple flowers for his big girl and her favorite, much anticipated chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and chocolate sprinkles :)
Karlie Sue, we love you so much and can't wait to see what this year brings!

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