Saturday, June 30, 2012

At least Karlie is better....

Since Karlie spent about 5 days of this...
 We decided to get a playhouse for the other two to entertain themselves with.  (I cannot tell you how much they missed Karlie and begged for her to play.)
 Finally, Karlie got off the couch to play with her new pink car and people!
 And we were ever so glad to see that sweet smile again!!
 She even felt well enough to go to soccer on Friday!
 Medal day!
 Karis was so glad to have her little buddy back that she gave out hugs like this:
 My heart wants to burst :)
 Daddy's little turf tikes:

Unfortunately, Abbi caught Karlie's virus and is now just as pitiful as Karlie was.  It is going to be another couple of long days, but at least we know what we are dealing with.  (Umm... not strep throat as the doctors originally assured me.  Why do I ever second guess myself and take my girls to the doctor?  It is so much easier to treat them at home naturally.)   I am thankful that Karlie is well and and I can't wait for Abbi to get better so life can go back to normal.  For now, I am just enjoying day-long snuggles on the couch with my normally "too busy to sit still" toddler.  And wakeful nightly sleep-overs in her room :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Not completely back to normal...

After my last post, I thought I should update you on how my girls are doing:

Karis:  After a long talk with her Daddy upon his return, my happy, helpful girl has returned.  I'm not sure why she went through that spell, but I'm glad she listens to her Daddy!  She still gets a defiant look on her face at times, but is much more cooperative.  I decided it was time to invest in some fun character training materials.  I've been wanting to focus on a different character trait each week and stumbled upon "We Choose Virtues."  A little pricey, but very cute and fun.  You could probably get away with just buying the parenting cards and make your own sticker charts and posters to save money.

Abbi:  Now that we are back home, she doesn't seem to be having any problems going back to her wonderful sleep schedule.  Other than the fact that she insists that I leave the lamp on.  Even in broad daylight during naps!  I don't understand it, but right now I am sleep deprived because Karlie needs to be held 24/7 so if a lamp helps Abbi sleep, she can sure have it.  We'll tackle the lamp and paci as soon as Karlie is better and I have caught up on my sleep :)

Karlie:  The night before Daddy returned, she woke up screaming hysterically because she was seeing sharks and they were going to eat her.  She had a very high fever and was truly hallucinating.  These sharks plagued her all night.  I finally brought her in bed with me so I could comfort her, but every time she fell asleep, she would all of a sudden jerk and scream for me and vividly describe the shark(s) that were about to eat us.  It was heartbreaking and scary. It turns out that she has a severe case of strep throat and even with antibiotics 4 days later, she still has the high fever and will not eat more than a bite of blueberries or raisins.  Thankfully, the hallucinations have ceased, but she is still not sleeping well and wants Mommy to snuggle every single moment.  Pray that she will get better soon because she struggles with weighing enough as it is and she really needs to eat some calories. (And Mark and I could use some sleep.)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lets be honest...

After looking back at my posts this week, I realized that I needed to make a disclaimer and be completely honest about this week.  Yes, we have had great fun with Grandma and Papa and done some pretty exciting things.  I took lots of pictures because I wanted Daddy to be able to see everything we have done and be a part of it even while on his business trip.  I am ever so thankful for my parents because I don't even want to think about what my week would have been like had I not had their help.  they have been amazing.

But I failed to mention that this has been the absolutely most exhausting and frustrating parenting week of my life.  I have never seen my girls act so horribly!  My joyful, usually happy-to-pease 5-year old decided to challenge every single instruction (from me or her doting grandparents) with utter defiance, my sweet 3 year old was an emotional wreck who fell apart at every little thing, all the while finding ways to annoy her big sister, and my amazing, wonder-sleeping toddler reverted back to needing me to sit in her room in order to fall asleep without red-faced hysterics!  What in the world happened to my children?  I couldn't even dream of our wonderful early 7:00 bedtime, because that was challenged as well and I never got them all settled before 9:00.  There were many dramatic moments filled with screaming and hysterics from the girls and countless times when I just wanted to sit down and cry and tell Mark that he had better come home RIGHT NOW!

So there you have it.  I failed miserably at parenting this week.  I'm sure much of it had to do with the fact that our "knight in shining armor" was gone and we were away from our peaceful schedule.  There is no doubt in my mind why I try to stay home with them all week long and only have one day for errands.  My girls simply thrive on a schedule.  When they know what is coming next, they don't even try to argue. Undoubtedly, Karis is going through one of "those stages" where I must buckle down and discipline every single thought of rebellion or she simply runs over me.  Karlie really needs her Daddy's snuggles.  And Abbi just needs to go home and get back on her sleep schedule.  We will be ok.  But I'm still upset right now.  I told my mom today that last week I was finally feeling "ready" should God decide to bless us with another baby but now I feel like I can't even handle what He has already given me!   It definitely made me re-evaluate what we are teaching our kids and how we handle discipline and what I should change.  Karis Lynn better get ready because next week starts obedience boot-camp (and it will probably not be very pretty to see!) And most importantly, spiritual boot camp for myself.  My strength comes from the Lord and only He can grant me the patience and wisdom I need to properly reach their hearts with His love.   I'm not supposed to be able to "handle it" on my own.  I don't want to discipline them just to get them to obey; I want to touch their hearts so they can see their sin and want to change.  I need to do a better job of praying for my children and not just relying on a great schedule to keep things going smoothly.    So while I'm still a good bit emotional about how this week turned out, I'm trying to be thankful.  Thankful that the Lord showed me areas that we can all work on.  Because I can never be a good parent on my own (even when Mark is around).  I need my Heavenly Father to help me.

Busy Day

Today was a super fun, exhausting, and busy day for us!    We started out by picking flowers for Great-Grandma Connie... but as you can tell by the picture, Abbi wasn't going to give hers up for anything!
 Karlie was ready to make Connie smile, though!
 Connie loved Karis' new ballerina doll!
 But I think she enjoyed the hugs even more :)  (You can see the pink car in the picture that was Karlie's new toy.)
 Next, we met up with Nina for lunch and ice cream at Chick-Fil-A!  Abbi was quite excited about hers but kept screaming in the middle of bites because she kept getting a brain freeze.
 This was the first time the big girls had enjoyed chocolate syrup on top of ice ream and they were pretty big fans!
 My awesome Dad let me use his Kroger card to get my gas, which had 60 cents off the gallon!  Score! Mark said the price in CA where he has been this week was pushing $4.00!
 I took this picture of the girls so you could see how long their hair has gotten... we've been meaning to get a summer trim for a long time now!
 So today was the day!
 The girls were quite hesitant at first, but were sure excited about the treat the hairstylist gave them afterwards!

Now look how short Karis' hair is!
Then we met Papa at an awesome burger place and I ate the biggest double cheeseburger of my life.  So good but i forgot to take a picture :)
We are utterly exhausted and can't wait to finally see Daddy again in the morning!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Swimming Day!

The girls woke up full of smiles today because Papa Eric was staying home from work and that meant they were going swimming whether it was warm or not!

Papa Eric braved the cloudy morning and 74 degree water to give these girls quite a workout!

Then after Abbi's morning nap and some lunch, the sun broke through and the water reached 78 degrees!  That is Mama's kind of swimming weather so we joined Papa and the big girls!

  Then they got a 3rd swimming session justas the sun was starting to set before dinner time...

 What a fun day!  And right after dinner, the girls new floats arrived in the mail!  They were so excited that I think they would have worn them to bed if I had let them!

mini "recital"

The girls have been quite excited about Grandma and Papa's piano:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Fun Day at Grandma and Papa's!

We are spending a few days with my parents and the girls are having a blast!  We wanted to swim all day, but the weather refused to cooperate.  No problem, though, because my mom always has lots of fun crafts and sticker books and coloring books ready for them and they have just bounced from one activity to the next.  Also, my parents live in one of the most economically depressed areas but have the most amazing library ever!  There is a huge childrens' play section with every pretend, imaginative, creative toy ever.  Not to mention all the fabulous books and resources.  My girls could spend hours there in pretend play.  

I didn't get pictures of all the fun activities we did today, but here are a few from our fun day....
Abbi absolutely loves this fish pillow in the above picture and grins so big every time she sees it!
All the girls have spent much time playing with the dollhouse :)

 Coloring sun visors and washing rocks
 Big smiles from girls who love to use glitter paint on rocks!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

All About My Daddy!

These 3 girls wanted to say Happy Father's Day to their favorite person in the world!
 Who else would regularly paint his daughters toenails, wear the baby in a pink baby carrier for triple Daddy dates, and pretend to be a beast for 3 crazy princesses?  Or take his daughters to play with him at work several times a week and give up his day off to take them to story time at the library and other errands that they love?  Seriously, Daddy, you are the best!

All About My Daddy:
My Daddy's name is: 
Karis: Daddy
Karlie: It's really Mark but I call him Daddy!

My Dad is:
Karis: 63 years old
Karlie: 5 years old

His hair is:
Karis: black
Karlie: black

And his eyes are:
Karis: brown
Karlie: blue

My Dad's favorite food is:
Karis: chips
Karlie: Chick Fil A nuggets

Daddy's favorite color is:
Karis: blue
Karlie: *grins* pink!

Daddy likes to wear:
Karis: belt, shirt, britches
Karlie: black clothes

Daddy's job is to:
Karis: teach ball
Karlie: painting, kick the soccer ball

He loves to eat:
Karis: cake
Karlie: tortellini

He is smart because he knows:
Karis: everything!
Karlie: everything... he plays with me!

My Daddy works hard at:
Karis: work
Karlie: playing!

My Daddy always tells me:
Karis:  Bye, I love you! (every morning before work)
Karlie: To clean the floor

I'm happy when my Daddy:
Karis: is home!
Karlie: reads to me

I love my Daddy because:
Karis: He is special!
Karlie: He loves me!

Father's Day Fun!

Father's Day was pretty crazy for us because Mark flew out that morning for his week at the Galaxy complex for work.  But we had a great time celebrating the night before with a fun cook-out at our house with my parents and my brother and his family.  The kids explored our little garden, played on the playground, flipped in the hammock, and enjoyed tons of watermelon!