Saturday, May 26, 2012

Putt-putt is always an adventure for us...

For Mark's birthday last week, we decided to take the girls to play miniature golf.  We expected it to be tricky with Abbi, and we were right.  I quickly realized that I was not going to hit any golf balls and decided to just enjoy following her around.  She was quite happy once I gave her my ball so she could have one in each hand:

Karlie was quite serious about the game for about 2 holes and then she just wanted to be ball-girl for Daddy :)
Karis lasted a bit longer and actually let Daddy teach her a bit.  But by the end of the game, daddy was hitting 3 balls each time!  It was a good thing, though, because he only had one chance before the ball was snatched up by an eager little girl.  Luckily, he is a pretty good shot!  (And we were thankful for a nice Groupon so that we didn't actually have to pay for all these ball girls :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Church Family Beach Trip!

Every year we go on a day trip to the beach with our church.  It is great fun and wonderful to have so many helping hands with our girls.  When we started getting down the beach things from the attic the girls were ever so excited and decided to make their own pretend beach in the hallway:

When we got to he beach, Abbi was amazed and excited at the seagulls.  She spent much of her time at the beach chasing them around and trying to catch them:

Karis was quite excited to play in the sand.  She has gotten a little paranoid about going under the water and wanted to wear her life jacket for most of the day.  (Plus, it was kind of a cool day for the beach and it helped to keep her warm :)
 Abbi showed absolutely no fear of the water and wanted to rush into it. She would get very angry when we would stop her from going to deep.
 She loved jumping waves with Daddy!
 We had a lot of fun playing with our sweet friend, Vivian, but it was very bittersweet knowing that it would be the last time we saw them for a while since they are moving next weekend :(
 Despite the lack of naptime, Abbi was amazingly happy just about the entire day!
 Mr. Alan was very kind to brave the frigid water to play with Karis for quite a long time.  She told me later, "I am so happy that Mr. Alan came because I would not have had as much fun without him!"

 My little munchkin Karlie was pretty chilly a lot of the day so she enjoyed lots of snuggles with Daddy:
 This baby girl was so much fun!!
 My girls were not the least bit afraid to get dirty and we are still finding sand in their hair 4 days later :)

 We even snagged some funny pictures of these sleeping beauties:
 We thought of many jokes to play on them but decided a silly picture would suffice :)
Thanks Messiah Baptist Church for such a fun day!  

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Karis Lynn at 5 Years!

5 years?

How can one go from being a tiny (but chunky) baby....

To this amazing little lady?

If I had to sum up my Karis Lynn in two words, it would have to be joyful imagination.  She sings and dances all day long, no matter where she is.  She pretends to be everything imaginable and has an imaginary family tree like you wouldn't believe.  I cannot even count how many pretend babies and brothers and sisters she has.  She begs to go in the front yard so she can dance and sing her "Maria" songs (Sound of Music).  She could color her princess pictures all day long.  And don't even think about moving her babies from where she has lovingly laid them to rest for the morning... sincere tears will pour if she thinks you are going to spoil their very important naps.  They are her babies (all 9 of them) and she is their Mama and you just don't want to mess with Mama!
 Karis loves doing her schoolwork and is getting to be quite a fluent reader and writer (which is quite impressive seeing as she utterly refused to write a single letter until 3 months ago!)  She wants to write her name on everything she owns or touches and loves to tell everyone that she sees that she can read.  she is also currently obsessed with coloring and we have found that losing her markers for a day is actually more effective than spankings for discipline now.
 Karis is a true first born who loves to be in charge and tell everyone what to do.  She makes up games for she and Karlie to play all day long.  If you let her, she will plan out her day and yours as well.  When we are going on a trip, she will get out of bed and have her suitcase packed before breakfast.  She takes great joy in making her own sandwiches and choosing her own clothes.  I gave up on the clothes battle and usually let her wear whatever she wants as long as it is appropriate. (Ex. she must wear shorts under all her favorite skirts and dresses because modesty is not her strong suit.)  She reminds me of everything I need to take somewhere when we go out and absolutely LOVES her job as reminder.  She grins so big when I tell her to remind me to do something and tells me to please forget about it so she can do her job.  She also loves to be my helper and one of her favorite birthday presents this year was a little broom and dustpan just her size.  She immediately told me that I would never have to do any work again because she would love to do it for  me!  She is sad if I clean the bathroom or wipe the table without her.  She doesn't always remember, but when I ask her to, she puts away all her clothes in her room and is proud of her job.

With such a strong (stubborn)" take charge" personality comes many battles, of course and she is not the least bit afraid to assert her will.  We are still working very hard with teaching her not to argue when Mama and Daddy make a decision she does not like.  She is smart and her logic is amazing sometimes but she must learn to be respectful and accept our final answer without arguing.  We are also working diligently on not interrupting others because when she has something to say, nothing can stop her!
 Karis loves playing sports at her Daddy's work.  She has grown in her abilities but is not the least bit competitive yet... instead she dances and twirls around the soccer field and basketball court with great joy.  It is so fun to watch her!

I asked Karis a bunch of questions to help us remember the beautiful age of 5 and here are her answers.  She realy enjoyed doing the questions and many of them she thought of herself:

Favorite color:  "Pink!  Forever I will love pink!  You need to stop asking me that because it will never change!"

Favorite thing to pretend:  "princesses and Maria... and a whole bunch of things... Mary and Joseph and Baby Jesus.... Ladybug Girl."

Favorite thing to sing:  "Oh-oh-La-de-oh-oh-oh" (also known as "The Lonely Goatherd" from the Sound of Music) and all the other Maria songs.  Also "I will Sing of the Mercies of the Lord Forever."

Favorite thing to wear:  "dresses and stuff like that"  (her current favorites that she wants to wear every day include the outfit pictured above and a sleeveless, flowery, multicolored sundress.)

Favorite schoolwork:  "I really like to learn about how to write my letters!"  (which I must say again is absolutely amazing because 4 months ago there were much tears if I even suggested trying to write letters!)

Favorite book:  any of the Fancy Nancy books and "The Wizard of Oz." (We read two chapters everyday out of a longer book and the Wizard of Oz is the one we are working through right now.  I promise that the book is no where near as scary as the movie and its whimsical fantasy is thoroughly intriguing to Karis.  I actually had bought it on Craigslist in a big box of books, not planning to use it with her until later next year, but she found it and demanded we read it next.  There have been maybe 2 places that I have softened the language as I read, but for the most part, I have been pleasantly surprised by it!)

Favorite coloring book:  Disney Princess book from Nina

Favorite stories to listen to at naptime: (she could not pick just one)
Raggedy Ann stories, Beatrix Potter Stories, Five Little Peppers and How They Grew, One Morning in Maine

Favorite thing to do outside:  "play in pool"

Favorite thing to do with Daddy:  "Hide and Seek"

Favorite thing to do with Mommy:  "Schoolwork"

Favorite food:  "granola with yogurt, milk, raisins, and almonds mixed together -- that is my very, very favorite!

Favorite Dinner:  Cheese filled tortellini tossed with coconut oil, parmesan, and bacon

Favorite breakfast:  "Circle egg" (fried eggs with a runny yolk)

Favorite drink:  Strawberry milk, chocolate milk, cow's milk, water, kombucha, and lemonade

Favorite thing to do:  "Play Maria"  "I like to color"  "Read!  I do read, you know!"

Favorite big girl thing to do:  "I'm most excited about unbuckling my booster seat!"  (She always has to ask first, but she does a great job of remembering!)

What makes you happy?  "When Karlie is loving and kind to me like when Karlie lets me sit on her side of the couch." (No, we do not have assigned seats, but they normally choose a particular spot on the couch for reading and it is apparently considered very kind to let the other one sit there!)

What makes you sad?  "If Karlie hurts me."

What makes you laugh?  "If I'm thinking something funny or if Karlie is being silly or if I say no when someone (usually Daddy) is tickling me, that makes me laugh."

Favorite thing to do (this is a repeat only because she asked me to ask her again):  "I love to read... You know, sometimes I read when you are not listening... when I am not supposed to!"

What are you good at?  "Reading, schoolwork, opening the freezer (we were recently blessed with a new fridge/ freezer that has the freezer on the side rather than on top and she is quite proud that she can open it for me.), giving Blackie (our kitty) food and water, getting the games on my camera."

What are you not good at?  "Opening the stove for you."  (This answer was quite random as she has never tried to open the stove for me because she is not yet allowed.)

Where is your favorite place to go?  "Nina and Papa's and Grandma and Papa's!)

What is your favorite thing to do outside?  (another repeat because she asked me to)  "Pick those puffy flowers."

What do you want to be when you grow up?  "I might be a farmer.... I'll probably be a girl farmer since I'm a girl."  (She has also recently desired to teach singing like "Maria" and coach like Daddy.)

What is your favorite movie?  "The Sound of Music"  (She just got it for her birthday and it is the only movie she has ever watched.)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Special Daddy Date: Royal Fairytale Ball

Last night was the much anticipated (free) "Royal Fairytale Ball" at a local library.  The girls had really been looking forward to dressing up and spending time with Daddy!

Abbi didn't actually go to the ball (because it was past her beditime) but she wanted to get all dressed up like her sisters.  She left the crown on just long enough for me to get 2 pictures, ha!

 And there it goes...
 Then the girls began dancing around the yard singing their favorite "Maria" songs.  (That means songs from the Sound of Music -- their favorite music to listen to.)
 I had bought the girls a bunch of princess things at the Dollar Store and they were all really excited about them.  But at the last minute, Karis refused to wear them except for the wand.  Karlie also asked me to curl her hair like I do when I go on a date with Daddy :)
 Abbi did not know what all the excitement was about, but she was sure happy about being outside!

 "Again with the crown, Mama?"
 Finally Daddy got home and took the princesses to their ball.  Funny story: He was trying to decide if he had to wear a tie so he thought he would ask them (hoping they wouldn't care.)  They both said they liked his outfit with the tie better, so he had to wear it!

 A little tickling and they were good to go!
 At the ball, they got decorate their own crown, and Karis was very proud of it and wore it the entire night (and to the Farmer's Market the next day as well :)
There were also refreshments and lots of princesses dancing.
 Photo op at the ball:
 They had a lot of fun decorating a pink shield:

 When they got home, we decided they needed pictures in their very own castle!  Karlie popped through the window:
 These princesses sure do love their Daddy!

 What a fun night!