Sunday, December 23, 2012

Early Christmas present...

Last week we all got to take a peek at our sweet baby!  The big girls watched intently and asked the technician about everything.  They were very excited.  Mark had to work hard to keep Abbi occupied but he did get to see a bit of the camera as well.

 She said the baby looks absolutely perfect!  It was standing straight up in my belly at first and she had to work hard to get any shot other than of the top of its head.  She finally got our baby to move around a bit and then she informed us that this baby is bigger than expected; it looks about a week ahead of schedule.  But I usually have good sized babies and I was pretty certain of the calculated due date so they are not planning to change it at all.  I was pretty glad of that, because my babies tend to be over-due and I didn't want to move up the due date and then have to deal with them wanting to induce.  This baby is currently in breech position, but he/she has plenty of room to move around so we expect it to turn well before birth.

No; we did not find out the sex of the baby!  We had talked about letting it be a surprise and told the technician we did not want to know.  Then after we were done, Mark grinned and said, "you sure you don't want to know?" But the technician quickly laughed and said he was out of luck because she didn't even look at that area since we said we did not want to know!  Ha!

Sorry about the bad quality of the picture; our scanner is not working and this is the best we could get from Mark's phone.

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Claire said...

What a lovely Christmas gift! A very Merry Christmas to you all!