Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Happenings...

I have not done a good job at documenting all the Christmas fun we've been having and most of these pictures were taken with a phone.  But we have sure been having fun!

Karis wanted to match her doll for church one Sunday and Mark snapped this sweet picture of her sitting in church.  While he was taking the picture, Abbi wanted to get in on the picture action...

We were quite happy that our friend Jon came to stay with us a couple of different weekends and he even got to help put up our lights!

We made cookies for our Classical Conversations Christmas party and the girls had the best time!  Karis couldn't stop smiling, Karlie was too focused to ever look at the camera, and Abbi swung from having a blast to screaming her lungs off when I tried to put her cookies in the pan.  We ended up letting Karis and Karlie make some extras for Abbi to decorate because she would never let us have hers.

So happy to finally be making cookies!

Serious about decorating...

And you better believe that she knocked those bowls of sprinkles on the floor...  We definitely ended up with at least 10 times as many sprinkles on the floor as on the cookies :)

Showing off a few of their daily advent crafts from Truth in the Tinsel:

 Our last day of Classical Conversations!  I haven't blogged much about it lately, but we absolutely loved going each week and the girls were so sad when the semester was over.
 The 3 girls in Karis' absolutely precious class.  A small, all-girl class was absolutely perfect for Karis!

Enjoying treats at the Christmas party after class:

Do you see that smile?  This baby was absolutely spoiled at the party.  All the older girls adored her and everytime I turned my head, someone had given Abbi another Christmas cookie.  For someone who had never had more than one homemade cookie at a time, lots of store bought sugar cookies made her ever so excited!

Last Sunday the girls were excited about wearing their pretty Christmas dresses that were great for twirling...

 Yesterday was the girls' last day of ice skating.  They really enjoyed it and were both actually gliding (slowly) on the ice by themselves by the end of it!  Coach Allison was incredibly patient and good with them.

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Claire said...

What fun! Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your precious holiday season!