Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas fun...

On Saturday night, we let the girls open their presents from us because we planned to hit the road in the morning for the grandparent's house.

The picture cracks me up.  Karis is super excited about opening presents, Karlie doesn't want a picture because she wants to get on with the show, and we couldn't talk Abbi into joining us in opening presents because she was utterly engrossed in a whatever book she was reading.  

  We finally had to take her present to Abbi and let the girls show her how to start opening it before she caught on to the fun...  The big girls could hardly stand it!  :)

We ended up having to wait an extra day before heading to see our family because on both sides, our brothers' families had brought sickness that we needed to stay away from.  It was very disappointing, but we made good use of the time (a big post coming soon on why our life is crazy right now) and hit the road on Christmas Eve.

It did not take the girls any time at all to dive right into Christmas fun at Grandma and Papa's house!

This picture does not in any way show how incredibly excited Abbi was to have her own purple doll baby.  Her sisters play babies all the time and she has hand-me-down dolls, but not one of her own and especially not a purple one!  (Abbi is unbelievably obsessed with purple right now.)  She was pretty amazed when she opened the gift.

Karlie was beside herself to finally get her own "dance-with-me" doll.  Karis found one at a consignment store last summer and Karlie has wanted one ever since.  The doll has little loops on the bottom of its feet that attach to Karlie's feet so she can actually really dance with it.   It is really the coolest doll ever.

 Karis was very excited to finally have a "big-girl"breakable doll.  She carried this doll around all night long and we had trouble getting her to put it down away from the table for dinner.

Grandma was so excited to get such special dolls for her girls!

Right after opening a few presents, the girls rushed to decorate their gingerbread house.  They have been talking about doing it for weeks now and were very serious about their job.  They both chose a peppermint to be their special treat while decorating.
 THey each had a side to decorate and worked together on the front.  I was very happy and amazed that there was not one disagreement about how to decorate the front!

The side that Karis decorated:

The side that Karlie decorated:

Getting ready to open a present from Grandama's kitties.  Seriously, folks, that was more exciting (and produced more hilarious discussion) than Santa ever could.

And finally, after Abbi went to bed, the big girls made sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies!  You can see Karis giving instructions in this picture.  She always has a plan for everyone :)

Whew!  We didn't get to Grandma and Papa's house until almost 3 in the afternoon but still managed to squeeze in presents, gingerbread house, cookies, and lots of kitty chasing.  What a fun day!