Saturday, December 29, 2012

Big Changes Coming!!!! And FAST!!!

Ever since Mark graduated from seminary, we have wanted to move back home closer to our family and friends.  But God has provided for us here in NC in amazing ways and so far, each door back to VA has been clearly shut.  In the meantime, God has blessed us with 4 precious babies, a wonderful loving church family, a fun and fulfilling job for Mark where the girls can visit and play with him and learn sports, a perfect little starter house for us, a great homeschool co-op for my girls, and much, much more.  We have learned so much in the past 7 years here and are ever so thankful for all God has done in our lives since leaving VA in 2005.

However, we are ever so excited to share that God has finally opened up a door for us to return home!  Mark's best friend from high school is starting a business very similar to the one Mark has been managing here in NC and he wants Mark to come and run it for him.  The details have taken a long time to work out, but we finally accepted the offer and are planning to move in less than 2 weeks!!  It is a crazy-fast move and very stressful but it does seem like the right timing and we are quite excited!

Please pray that so many details will work out quickly.  Most importantly, pray that we will figure out a housing situation.  We plan to put our house on the market as soon as we move out and our realtor is very optimistic because houses in our area have sold very quickly.  We would like to rent somewhere for just a few months until our house sells and we can buy another one, but it seems that all houses for rent require a year-long lease and we really do not want to be locked into that.  For now, we plan to initially move in with Mark's parents because they have plenty of space and it will be a great help with the transition.  But we are hoping to find other housing within a few weeks because his parents actually live in the country about 30 minutes away from where Mark will be working and the girls will be going to school and most of our friends live.  So we hope to move closer to town as soon as possible.  For now, though, we will enjoy spending so much time with the grandparents!  (How many date-nights can we fit in a couple a weeks?  :)

We will keep you informed as plans progress.  We are sad about leaving our loving church family and newly-found school friends, but super excited about what God has in store for us back home!  Please rejoice with us and pray for us as we go through this transition!


Claire said...

Oh how exciting, what a praise! Praying for you all!

Polish mama said...

I imagine it takes a lot of effort to move to other place (specially with kids and the little one :) but I am very happy for you all and I wish you - as always - all the best. You are a wonderful family and great teachers of ... how to live, how to enjoy life. Happy New Year!!! Mag with kids.

Dominika said...

New year will definitely be exciting for you :-) . I hope it will all work out for you the best way possible and you all will be very happy there. Greetings!