Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A quick random update

I just thought I'd write a quick update on how everyone is doing around here... no particular order... I apologize for the following too many exclamation points...

-- Morning sickness is officially over!!!!  YIPPEE!!!  I hit 14 weeks the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and it sure was perfect timing!  All of a sudden, I wanted to eat EVERYTHING!  Such a change!  Such a wonderful feeling to actually enjoy eating once again... and then to come at such a time as to have unbelievable amounts of food to eat!  I seriously think I ate more food the week of Thanksgiving at my Mom's house than I did the entire 2 months of morning sickness :)  And now I finally have a tiny baby bump and can happily wear my maternity pants once again!  And I've even felt the little munchkin moving around in my belly which is such a reassuring feeling!  Sorry for all the exclamation points and capital letters, but I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to feel like myself again!  I can actually get up and make breakfast for my family and I've actually done Karis's schoolwork every single day!  I feel like I'm finally getting things done around here!

-- My girls have caught the Christmas carol bug and sing all day long, non-stop.  Even Abbi sings all day long, and that sweet baby has learned to say just about everything now and it is so incredibly precious to hear her saying the words to such wonderful songs.  I've got to catch her on video singing Angels We Have Heard on High because she gets me every time on the chorus....

-- We started our favorite tradition of letting the big girls unwrap a Christmas book every day at naptime.  They look forward to it so much!   50 books is a lot, but I use a lot of library books and you would be surprised at how many Christmas books there are out there!  I'm going to make a list of our favorites this year because next year, we will be looking for 75 books since Abbi will be ready to join in the fun!

-- We also started our Truth in the Tinsel advent craft activity each day.  I am not one to prepare a craft everyday, but I got Mark to get all my materials ahead of time (picture him and his best friend at Hobby Lobby on Black Friday and have a good laugh) and these crafts really only take about 10 minutes so it has been really fun and easy.  The girls are having so much fun and learning a lot also.

-- Last year we started doing this Jesse Tree advent with the girls and they love putting the ornaments on the tree each day.  The actual devotional is a little over their heads for now, so we just read the Bible story each day and talk about it and always review each of the previous days' ornaments.  I love how the Jesse tree advent highlights all the important Old Testament stories as well.  It is a fabulous survey for the girls and I am amazed at how much they remember each year.

-- Mark and I are currently trying to make some big decisions about the future of our family, so please pray for us whenever you think of us this week...

--- Mark randomly got me a Bissel Steam mop and it is the coolest thing ever.  I actually enjoy mopping my kitchen floor and bathroom floor now.  And I love that it works with just water so no chemicals are necessary.

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