Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Annual Thankful Tree!

Last year, I decided to make a Thankful Tree with the girls and they had so much fun with it!  We may never earn any decorative awards, but they sure looked forward to coloring their tree this year and Karis was really excited that she was old enough to cut out her own leaves and write her own thankful notes.

Here are their thankful notes for the first 15 days of November:

Karis (she tried to make them short so she could fit it on the leaf):
I am thankful for...
...my kitchen set
...my butterfly field (a special craft from her birthday)
...my kitten (a favorite stuffed animal)
... coloring!
... my softies
... chocolate milk (a recently discovered special Daddy treat)
... Karlie and Abbi
... my babydolls
... Pink Dog (another favorite stuffed animal)
...Mama's baby
... God

I am thankful for:
... kittens and puppies
... myself
...chocolate milk
... Abbi and Mama
... my baby doll bed and my new baby doll that Lindsay gave me and Pup-pup and Blackie Kitty
... for making our leaves tree
... my kitchen set
... my artwork
... my softies and playing with Daddy and dressing up in poofy dresses
... babydollls and for God
... the baby in Mama's belly
... my bear coloring book

And I might not have written any leaves, but I sure am thankful for these 3 little girls and that they love each other so much:

Once again, many thanks to Miranda Knox for these sweet pictures of my girls!

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