Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Much Thankfulness!

For the past few years, my Mom has taken a big Thanksgiving feast to my grandmother's house.  This year was different, however, because she had to move to a lovely little home where she can get around the clock care.  So we couldn't exactly take over the kitchen there...

Instead, we decided to have a Thanksgiving picnic for my grandmother and we seriously could not have asked for a prettier day for it!  We ate all sorts of yumminess while chatting with my grandmother and then Mark started playing frisbee with the girls.  We were so thankful that she was well enough to enjoy the day and that God gave us such beautiful weather!  My grandmother was so sweet and hapy that we were there.  She kept on asking where the baby was because Abbi has gotten so big that she really doesn't look like a baby anymore.  Abbi is shorter than Karlie but they weigh about the same.  My grandmother was very glad I have a baby in my belly since Abbi isn't one anymore and she seems pretty certain that it is a boy this time.   She has been correct in all three of my other pregnancies, so I am curious to see if her luck continues!

Later on when we were back at my parents' house, the girls begged Papa to make a leaf pile for them.  (We live out in the country on farmland that was developed and we don't have a single tree in our yard that is good for making leaf piles.)  I cannot tell you how much fun the girls had playing in that leaf pile!!!

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