Saturday, November 10, 2012

Life with the girls...

Being too tired or icky to get everything done that I normally would attempt has several advantages.  I feel like I've really been able to enjoy my girls more.  I threw out my to-do list for a short while, dove into "survival" stage where I only try to do the bare necessities, and found that sometimes life is kind of nice without rushing from one task to the next.  I haven't blogged as much but I've been treasuring up memories in my heart and feel like I need to try to write a few of them down to remember this precious time in our lives...

--- Karlie Sue is the queen of hide and seek.  She requests it all the time and will even go and hide without telling us!  The first time she did this, it totally freaked Karis out, who could not find her favorite playmate.  She kept running into the room where I was folding clothes with Abbi and begging me to help her find Karlie.  I wasn't too worried at first because I did not think she would leave the house, but after about 10 minutes, I joined in the chase.  She had chosen a good hiding place, different from ever before, and had stayed quiet as a mouse the entire time we shouted for her, all without telling us she was playing hide and seek!  After the first scare, Mark decided a code was in order, so if she hears us yell the word "BUNGALO!" then she must come out of hiding or she will be disciplined.  She also requests hide and seek over and over in her class at school.  She has 3 other boys in her class, and they will all run and hide while Abbi is the all-time finder.  The teacher says they would play the entire 3 hours if she let them.  Karis could care less about hide and seek and always laughs and makes noises so that we can find her.

Karlie despises going to any kind of medical professional other than her beloved chiropractor.   But she absolutely loves her and is super cooperative and just smiles away while Dr. Porter "makes popcorn" on her back. She loves her so much that she is quite determined that she wants to "help Dr. Porter" when she grows up!

 -- Abbi Grace, now 21 months old, is so much fun right now.  She loves her nursery rhymes and brings me Mother Goose books to read all day long.  She talks about her animals almost as much as her Daddy and "Nini and Papi" and is always leaving whatever activity we are doing to go tell kitty about it.  She calls him "Meow" rather than "kitty" and is super sweet and gentle with him.  Abbi is doing well in her nursery class in school and talks about the boys in her class.  (She and Karlie are the only girls.)  She happily goes to play with Miss Kayla each Friday and it has been a big relief to me that she doesn't seem to have a bit of separation anxiety even though she had never been in any kind of nursery before.

Abbi is a bit obsessed with her favorite treats and regularly begs (or screams) for "meow" (her kitty-shaped vitamin), popcorn (which Daddy makes only each Thursday night for a special snack at school), crackers (morning sickness got her into that bad habit; my other girls did not even know that word at this stage!), and "deee!" (her honey cotton candy that we got at the fair which has become their treat for after cod liver oil.)

Abbi has 3 items she must sleep with: a little bear softy, a purple soft blanket, and a tiny pink heart pillow.  The bear softy comes with me in my purse everywhere we go in case of a melt down but the others mainly stay in the bedroom.  It is amazing and sweet how much she loves these things.  At night I cover her up with her softies and she just grins and cuddles closer.  She is a great sleeper once again and still sleeps between 12 and 13 hours each night and between 2 and 3 hours each afternoon.

-- Karis Lynn is my full-of-ideas girl!  I am not the most crafty of Mamas... I'd like to be but it just doesn't happen.  Who cares, though, when you have a 5-year old who daily makes up a craft?  An American Girl catalogue comes in the mail and she decides to spend 2 full days cutting out paper dolls. She sees someone making snowflakes in a book and asks if I will show her how to do it and then we add glitter!  She gets a new fairy coloring book and decides to cut them all out after coloring to use to decorate my kitchen.  Grandma gives her a little pumpkin and she decides it needs to be painted.  She keeps me on my toes with her crafty ideas because then I have to entertain Abbi or find ways of letting her help while Karis carries out her plan :)

Karis is very excited about getting bigger and often changes her mind about what she wants to be.  A farmer (like Almanzo in Farmer Boy), a painter (of canvases like my friend Mary), an ice skating instructor, a soccer coach (like Daddy), or a baker (of cupcakes and cakepops and cakes at a bakery) include her current ideas.  She would also like to marry either Daddy or her cousin Jack.  When I told her that cousins do not marry each other, she wailed, "but I want to marry a nine-year old!"

It has been a tough few months with my not feeling so well, but even so, I have been thankful for these slower months to enjoy my girls!

Many thanks to Miranda Knox for these precious photos of my girls!


Claire said...

Oh Meg, this post just warmed my heart! Miranda's pictures are gorgeous, and it's so lovely to read how the girls are getting on. I've been keeping you in my prayers as you nurture the newest one!

Renee said...

Such sweet, sweet pictures! That first one...oh my. ;) I'm glad y'all are doing well - you're still in my prayers!