Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Getting the tree!

For the past two years, the tree farm that sets up at Mark's work has given all the GM's a $20 coupon for a tree!  The girls were really excited about going back this year because they remembered how much fun they had running through the trees last year

This picture is fuzzy, but I love how Karis is helping Abbi :)

Trying to figure out what is going on!

We had to get a picture of the snowman that the girls have been talking about all year long!  Last year, Karis asked the snowman's name because (of course) it could not be Frosty without the corncob pipe or button nose!  We took the easy route and told her his name was Parker (see below).  So for the rest of the season, every time we saw a snowman, there was much discussion on whether it was a Frosty or a Parker snowman.  This year, (now that she is a great reader) when Karis saw the snowman, she informed me that I had been wrong because Parker has an "S" on the end!

I didn't take too many pictures because I had to chase this little girl around the trees the whole time.  She loves to play hide and seek!

One of the first decorations we got out of the attic was our Little People Nativity Set.  (Hands down, the favorite decoration of the season!)  Abbi decided it would be fun to watch Karis put it together while sitting on her back!

 Mark is giving out decorations for the girls to put on the tree and as you can tell, Karis is telling everyone where to put them :)

More pictures to follow once we finish decorating... A little person tripped and fell on our lights and broke them so we have to go buy more... :)

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