Wednesday, October 17, 2012

To the dentist and the pumpkin patch!

Last week while I had my OB apt (which was incredibly boring since they no longer do 8-week ultrasounds), Mark took the big girls to the dentist!  Karis had been once before and was really excited about it:

This was Karlie's first trip to the dentist and she was pretty hesitant but promised to cooperate after she saw Karis do it :)

The hygienist was great with the girls and offered to make them a glove person.  And guess who they asked for?   Princesses of course!  Meet Beauty:

And Cinderella:

Since our dentist is just down the road from our favorite pumpkin patch, we made a last minute decision to celebrate good cooperation with ice cream an pumpkins.  Abbi and I met them there after my appointment.  Normally, we make a big day of the pumpkin patch and take lots of family pictures with our great camera, but this time we only had Mark's phone with us.   We still managed to catch some happy smiles, though!

Trying to pick up a big pumpkin:

Not afraid of the scarecrows at all!

Abbi was pretty excited to be outside with her Daddy!

Proud to show off how big they have gotten:

Abbi wanted more Daddy snuggles:


And they had to jump in Santa's sleigh for a quick shot before we left:

What an exciting morning! 

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